How Often Does Snapchat Update Filters?

Posted by Arch on September 2, 2019
how often does snapchat update filters

Ever since Snapchat filters (or lenses) were released, they started a trend that quickly spread to other social networks. This simple, yet effective feature brought laughs over the years, and now it’s getting increasingly popular.

Although Snapchat updated its lenses daily in the past, nowadays there aren’t a lot of reasons to do so. In this article, we will look into the frequency of Snapchat’s filter updates and why they don’t happen as often as before.

The Evolution of Snapchat Filters and Lenses

When Snapchat lenses were first introduced in 2015, it caught the world by storm. Social media platforms were crowded by these goofy animated filters that could augment faces and voice of you and people around you.

In the beginning, Snapchat allowed only 7 filters in its library. During this period, one lens was added every day in place of another one. You had an option to purchase these lenses permanently before they go away, and the rotation of the filters kept the users interested. So, at the start of this feature, Snapchat updated it daily.

Nowadays, filters are not just a feature, but probably the focal point of Snapchat. Some users install this app just so they could access a wide range of different lenses and play around with the app.

How Often Does Snapchat Update Filters Now?

Currently, the policy on filters isn’t as strict as before and you can use far more than seven lenses that rotate daily. If you open Snapchat now, you’ll notice that close to thirty different lenses  are at your disposal.

Occasionally a lens will disappear and be replaced with a new one, but it doesn’t happen as frequently as before. There isn’t strict information about the frequency of lens updates on Snapchat. Sometimes the choice of filters remains the same for a few days, and sometimes it changes daily.

Snapchat doesn’t reveal the exact date and frequency of the lens rotation since it keeps the users more engaged.

In 2019, Snapchat introduced the ‘Community Lenses’ feature. This further reduced the need for filter updates and rotations by Snapchat.

What Are Community Lenses?

Community Lenses feature allows you to explore the custom-made lenses by other users. There are hundreds of thousands of lenses that were created since the launch of this feature.

Of course, you won’t be able to see all the lenses, as the library will filter them based on certain parameters, such as your location.

To access community lenses, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Snapchat app.
  2. Tap the ‘Lenses’ button next to the record button.
  3. Select the ‘Community lenses’ icon (two smiley faces with a little ‘+’ sign in the corner).
    Community lenses
  4. Choose from one of the most popular lenses that are displayed at the top of the library.
  5. The lens will now be added to your personal lens carousel.

If you want to look for specific lenses, you can do it by clicking on the ‘Search’ bar at the top of the ‘Community lenses’ screen. This way you may find filters that include some of your favorite TV shows, animals, or other interesting elements.


Can I Make My Own Lenses and Filters in Snapchat?

If you’re from the United States, you can make your own lens and wait for it to be approved by the Snapchat community. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Tap your profile image on the top-left of the screen.
  2. Tap the ‘Settings’ button (gear icon) to go to the settings.
  3. Hit ‘Filters and lenses.’
  4. Choose ‘Lenses.’
  5. Tap the ‘Create a new lens’ button.
  6. Follow the instructions to choose, edit, name, map, and schedule your lens.

When you’re finished, tap ‘Submit’ and if approved, the whole Snapchat community in your area – and sometimes even wider – will be able to see it.

Lenses Unlimited

The need for constant updating of Snapchat features is long gone. Now that you have the opportunity to create your own lenses, you don’t need to wait for the new ones to appear in your library. This way you’ll be able to use thousands of filters daily and never run out of fresh ones.

Did you ever have your own custom lens approved? What are your favorite Snapchat filters? Leave your comments and your lens names so other users may search them.

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