How to Add a Pokémon to a Gym in Pokémon Go

In order to add a Pokémon to a gym in Pokémon Go, you’ll need to locate a gym that is “friendly,” which means it’s made up of members of the same team that you joined after achieving level five in Pokémon Go. For us, that means we have to find yellow gyms or those made up of Team Instinct players. Team blue is Mystic and team red is Valor.  You can place one of your Pokémon at a friendly gym to help guard it, which also gives you rewards.

We’re going to explain how all of this works, so keep up with us.

Head to a local friendly gym. Once you get there:

  1. Tap on the gym to open its location.                                                                                                                  Friendly Gym
  2. To add your Pokémon to that gym’s location, tap the icon in the bottom left-hand portion of your screen—the Pokeball with a plus symbol near it.                                                                                                                                                         Add Pokemon to Gym
  3. Next, choose one of your Pokémon to place at the gym. Once you’ve selected one, Pokémon Go confirms your choice, asking you if you’re sure you want to assign this Pokémon to the gym. The confirmation box also alerts you that your chosen Pokémon remains placed at the gym until it’s kicked out.  Add this Pokemon to gym

That’s it. When you’ve placed one of your Pokémon at the gym, you’re basically dropping it off to protect and defend your team’s gym against opposing Pokémon that come there to battle. You’ll only be able to place one Pokémon at a gym, but you can put a Pokémon at several different gyms.

Pokémon Gym Rewards

Once you’re successful at placing one of your Pokémon at a gym, you’ll get rewarded every twenty-one hours. You’ll receive ten Pokecoins for each Pokémon at each gym, but the limit is one hundred coins per twenty-one-hour time period. So, don’t place more than ten Pokémon at gyms because you’ll only get rewards for up to ten, which is the limit. Not only do you get Pokecoins, you also get five hundred Stardust for each of your ten Pokémon located at a gym. Your team’s gym also gains prestige by remaining undefeated by other Pokémon rivals. As long as you have a strong team backing your gym and stay in control of a gym’s location, you’ll keep gaining rewards every twenty-one hours and the gym continues to build its prestige. If and when a gym is taken over by a rival team, your Pokémon returns to you and appears back in your Pokémon menu.

That’s a wrap. Find a gym that’s the same team that you’re representing, place a Pokémon there (in up to ten separate gym locations), and collect rewards—sounds like a good deal to us. Also, gyms are the only places you can get Pokecoins unless you buy some with real money in the Pokémon Go Shop.

So, what are you waiting for? Go find a gym and collect your rewards; they’re yours for the taking.

15 thoughts on “How to Add a Pokémon to a Gym in Pokémon Go”

Avatar High Anxiety says:
If a friendly gym is full (meaning all 10 slots are filled) can I bump a team member and take a spot?
Avatar Heather says:
Hi. Itsy Bitsy Spider to answer your question, yes, your gym prestige would get lowered. I personally would level up and power up your Pokemon. On the other hand, if no one challenges your Pokemon at the empty gym, you’ll gain rewards.
Avatar Itsy Bitsy Spider says:
I only just started to try this game, I live in the country so the competition for gyms isn’t total mass murder around here. Now there’s a friendly gym near me with a white circle next to the crown which means someone can add a pokemon to it right? But my question is.. The level 2 gym is owned by a level 25 trainer with Snorlax CP 2412… I’m still a wee little level 8 and the best I can add to that gym is a 772 cp Flareon. Does adding a generally weaker pokemon risk the chance of lowering your gym’s prestige if it gets challenged? Obviously my pokemon would be quite easy to beat for higher level trainers… And rolling into the game this late, everyone’s a higher level trainer :P
Avatar Heather says:
Hi Piplup,
Thanks! You can earn stardust just by catching pokemon and hatching eggs.
Avatar Piplup says:
Great tips for starters. I have a question though. How do you earn Stardust from NOT being in gyms. I’m SO confused as to how they balance that out. ⚡️
Avatar Bill says:
When I battle a gym ran by my own team it does not let me add my best pokemon once I have won. They do not need reviving but they still appear shaded out at the bottom of the list. Do they need 100% health to be placed on a gym??
Avatar McMadness says:
Hi there!
Is there a minimum level before you assign a Pokémon to a gym?Im on level 8 and I tapped on an empty gym on my team,it didn’t let me assign a Pokémon!Need Help Fast!!!
Avatar Heather says:
Hi Pikachu,

Once you assign a Pokemon to a gym you won’t get it back until the gym is taken over by another team. You won’t be able to use it for battle and assign it to a gym.

Avatar Pikachu says:
If I assign a Pokémon to a gym, will I still be able to battle with it? For example, I have one Ponyta and I’m not exactly willing to let it go…
Avatar Angie says:
I don’t have the add Pokemon to gym symbol. And it is a gym of my team
Avatar James says:
Please clarify – because sometimes you can just drop your pokemon in without doing anything if it is already owned by your team like in the second picture here, but sometimes even if you are the same team, this option is unavailable. In what circumstances is the option to just drop your guy in?
Avatar Kidd the Billy says:
Gym prestige points are a big deal here. If the gym doesn’t have the “plus” icon, then you have to battle your own teammates. You can only bring one Pokémon. This is where it gets tricky. When you defeat the gym, the gym loses prestige points. If you don’t defeat the gym and don’t defeat any Pokémon, no prestige points are taken away or awarded. If you defeat some of the gym’s Pokémon but not all of them, the gym gains prestige points. So you have two options: battle to knock the gym’s prestige level down so that the lowest CP Pokémon gets kicked out and you can add your own, or battle so you boost the gym’s prestige level and once it levels up, you can add your own Pokémon. It will take a while either way.
Avatar Sean Fay says:
Don’t you have to fight a gym to add a pokemon if there are more than three pokemon already stationed there
Avatar Heather says:
Hi Dennis,
It sounds like the issue you and your wife are having with Pokemon Go is app related.
Avatar Dennis Hayes says:
Me and my wife add on team mystic. Sometimes only one of us can leave a pokemon at a gym and sometimes neither one of us can leave one. Why not? And a lot of times when we’re together, pokemon will appear on her screen but not on mine. Why?
Avatar DhirenBayungRai says:
Hello support today i have reached my XP Levels at20 so i need to request for pokestop and 1 gym we are here more than 20 members waiting fpr gym and pokestop near by us i have send some pictures good for gym and pokestop.Please help us and accept our request.

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