How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend through Text Message

Wondering how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend? We’ll tell you how to do it. Best examples and cool ideas are already here!
Asking a girl to be your girlfriend or asking her on a date is always a very stressful moment. It would be great if we had some universal formulas or techniques that work in 100% of cases — damn, just imagine how cool it would be!
But the big problem is that there are no such universal formulas. Every girl is unique, every situation is unique, and there are no universal words that would work for all of them. However… it’s not so bad.
There are some cool, romantic and creative ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, and we have all of them here. As well as some interesting ideas of how to convince a girl to date you — if you think that simple “will you be my girlfriend” is not enough, well, we definitely have something interesting for you. Let’s take a look.

How to ask a girl on a date?

ask on date
But before asking her to be your girlfriend, you’ll have to ask her out. Of course, that’s not the case if you are in online relationship with virtual sex and all that stuff, but man, we hope that you aren’t.
So, you like a girl (or even love her) and you wanna ask her out, right? Then you should do it just in time. It’s like the spacecrafts — you wait for too long, the launch window closes and you lose it all. If you bide your time waiting for the perfect moment to come, you can easily lose this moment. The ladies have options, here’s the deal — and if you wanna get the girl, you have to do it quickly. We recommend to ask her on a date right after you realize you like her — not after a week, not after a month; right in time. The more you hesitate, the less chances are of… not even of getting her, but even of asking her out. That’s what we wanted to say.
And now, when we’re clear on when, let’s talk about how. That’s what you were looking for, right?
There are some rules that you should follow. They’ll improve your chances, but please, don’t expect that they will do the job for you. You’ll have to do it by yourself, and it’s only you who will make your dream real.
First, don’t make it a very big deal. Formal proposal is certainly not the best thing in the 21st century, that’s what we think. In time when everything is casual, be casual! There’s nothing too difficult here, don’t worry.
Then, be direct. Make her think the date is already on — girls love such stuff, and they love confident men.
Choose the right time to ask a girl out. Asking her out at the awkward moment will lead to awkward results, no exceptions. Like, you shouldn’t do it when she’s talking with her friends or when your conversation is running dry. However, when she laughs during your conversation or when you see she’s enjoying spending time with you, you can try. In short words: if she’s smiling, if she’s laughing and if she’s enjoying — try to do it. She’ll most likely say “yes”.
The last idea is about the date itself. It should be very simple — you probably have some fantastic ideas like an air-balloon ride or a laser tag, but the first date shouldn’t be too complicated. Sit, talk, eat and drink something — this would work great. You wanna know how to ask a girl to date you, not to hang out with you, right? A cafe or a park will be a good choice, as well as your place (we bet you’re dreaming about it!).
As we’ve said, we collected some simple, funny, sweet and cheesy ways to ask a girl out — so if wanna make a girl your girlfriend, you just have to check them out. Ready?

  • We should grab a drink or a bite some time this week.
  • Wednesday night. Dinner. Be early
  • Generic compliments, playful teases and emoticons aside— drink Wednesday?
  • Surely a bad day today for any adventurous outdoor dates—so how about I loan you a towel whilst I make us hot chocolate?
  • So I have a question. There’s this really cute girl that I recently had a very fun time talking to. What do you think, should I ask her out on a date or would that be too direct?
  • Hey, I think you’re great and I’d like to get to know you better. How does coffee at 7 o’clock tomorrow sound?
  • You seem fun – we should go out! What are you doing this Saturday?
  • Ok cool. Let’s meet in person to discuss, Wednesday or Thursday night best for you?

Cute and clever ways to ask a girl to be your GF

cute and clever
We’ve also found some amazing ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend here. If you wanna say “would you be my girlfriend?”  in a cute way, in a funny way or in a romantic way — we have something for you to offer.
But you know what? Simple “be my girl”, “will u be my GF” or “wanna be my girlfriend” will work great, too! A real paradox, isn’t it?
However, there are some rules here, too. And the first one is similar to the first rule in the previous paragraph. You should be direct. Women like it when men don’t play games — so don’t be vague and tell her exactly what you’re thinking. Even if it’s a simple “do you want to be my girlfriend” question, it’s perfect if it’s from the heart.
Then, you shouldn’t be too emotional. Yeah, emotions are a great thing, but too many emotions is definitely not what she needs. It’s only a first step — so don’t be too serious here. But of course, that’s not necessary for you if your girl likes dramatic gestures. In this case, “too emotional” is fine!
Face to face conversation is the best option. Asking her over text is not bad, too, but we are sure that it’s better to say it, not to write it. Sounds a little conservative? Yeah, maybe. But it still works, so why not?
Be romantic! It’s a classic answer to the question “how to ask her to be your girlfriend”, and it really works. Cook a dinner together, surprise her, compliment her, don’t hide your emotions  — it’s only up to you!
Make it clear: yes or no? We mean that, well, simple “you should be my girl” phrase works great, too, but if you want to get a real answer, ask her a real question.
And please, please don’t be late! Show her that you are a reliable and punctual person, and she’ll trust you — and this is extremely important when it comes to relationships.
And the last advice (it’s probably the most important one). If you want to know how to ask someone to be your girlfriend, don’t look for a miracle solution — just ask! Simple, direct, sincere actions have always worked perfect, and we don’t see any reasons why they shouldn’t work for you. Take a look at what we’ve found for you here!

  • Give her a heart (jewelry, or drawn, or folded paper) and say, “Now that I’ve given you my heart, will you be my girlfriend?
  • I always wanted to date someone I know very well so that I dont get to be with a total stranger. Who would be the better person than you for this good deed
  • Can you stop being soo caring and loving for me? I have started falling for you.
  • So, are we together now or what?
  • There is something I wanted to tell you since many, many days. I tried to give you hints, in many different ways. Just looking at you takes my breath away. I like you, is what I really want to say. Would you like to be my girlfriend?
  • I have a massive crush on you is what I want you to know. I don’t fear rejection because my heart believes that you won’t say no. Will you be my gf?
  • You make me feel incredible. Will you be my girlfriend?
  • I can feel it, maybe you can feel it, too. I’m crushing on you, I hope you like me too — so would you be my girlfriend?

When to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

when you ask a girl
Some people say that it’s always better to know a girl longer if you want her to be your gf. The others say that, like, the longer you hanging out with her, the higher are the chances of being friendzoned, and you should do it as soon as possible. They all are right, because it’s all about balance — so all you have to do is to choose a moment that is not too early and not too late.
We personally believe that you can do it anytime. If you feel that it’s time to ask her to be yours, do it right now. If you think the feelings are mutual, do it right now. But please, don’t wait for too long — it’s basically the main rule.

  • Listen, I’ve liked you for a bit and I think we would make a great couple. Will you be my girlfriend?
  • I wanna be with you how, would you like to be with me?
  • Actually, I was hoping we might be able to be something more than ‘just friends. I like you a lot, and I’d really like the chance to date you.
  • I really enjoy the time I spend with you and consider you an important part of my life. I can’t help but have feelings for you past those of friendship, though. If you feel the same way, or think you could see me as a boyfriend, then I’d like to go out with you.
  • We’ve got a great friendship going here, but I have some feelings I’d like to explore. If you feel the same way, could we try a date? If not, it’s cool and we can still be friends.
  • I think you are really beautiful. I love being around you. I was wondering of you would like to be my girlfriend?
  • You know, I always have a lot of fun talking to you like this. It seems like we have a lot in common. We get along pretty well, don’t you think?
  • Slip her a “secret admirer” note. This is just a little note to let you know you have a secret admirer—me! Of course, you probably don’t know who I am yet, but still. You’re a sweet girl. I admire your kindness and your wit, and I thought I should let you know that there’s someone who really appreciates you.

These are just a few ideas of how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. They are quite simple, so we hope you won’t mess anything up. However, don’t get disappointed, if something doesn’t work from the start. As we already said, every girl is unique so there’s no a universal way to win a girl’s heart.

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