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How to Battle in Pokémon Go

Wondering why you’re not able to battle after first installing Pokémon Go? The reason might be that you actually can’t battle until you’ve gotten to level five. So, what exactly happens at level five and how do you get to battle? When you get to level five, you’ve got the option to join one of three teams. You must make your choice wisely.

Join a Team

You’ll need to decide which team you’d like to join: Team Mystic, Team Valor, or Team Instinct. When you reach level five, Professor Willow has you meet his assistants, and then makes you decide on a team, so be prepared. There’s no way around it. The game now becomes a bit more intense and exciting.                                               Pokemon Go Teams

Team Instinct

The leader of Team Instinct is Spark and the team mascot is the legendary bird Zapdos. If you join Team Instinct, you’re more of a “go with your gut feeling” kind of person. Your Pokémon are talented by nature and they get that gut instinct as they battle, which makes them successful fighters.

Team Mystic

Are you all about brain power? Blanche leads Team Mystic, and she’s all about using your noggin. The team’s mascot is icy legendary Articuno. Team Mystic wants to evolve continually and they’re gosh-darn intimidating. They are a scientific bunch, so it takes a bit to rattle their cages. Can you remain calm under pressure? Do you know all about your Pokémon and what motivates them? If you’re all about logic and having scientific proof to back what makes your Pokémon who they are, then you’re definitely going to fit in with Team Mystic.

Team Valor

The leader of Team Valor is Candela. Candela’s motto is to be the best Pokémon Master—and to do that, you’ve got to be the best Pokémon trainer first and foremost. The team’s mascot is the legendary firebird Moltres. Are you good at bonding with your Pokémon to build their strength? Then you should probably join Team Valor (and they have a pretty awesome mascot—I mean, a firebird . . . it doesn’t get much better than that, in our opinion.

Once a Team is Chosen

Keep in mind that when you’ve chosen a team, there’s no going back, so this is a pretty important decision at this point of the game.

It may be hard to decide between the three teams of Instinct, Valor, and Mystic, as they all have their perks. Personally, we’re torn between Instinct and Valor. Once you’ve selected your team, start to represent. You may become more addicted or dedicated to Pokémon Go once you’ve joined a team to help fight for and defend.

Locate Gyms

When you’re ready to battle for your team, you’ll need to locate gyms, which should now show up on your Pokémon Go map. Get out there and fight for your chosen team. Make your team and team leader proud by squashing the competition at other gyms.

You’ve now got the inside scoop on what you need to do to choose your Pokémon Go team and how to get out there and start battling once you’re a level five Pokémon Go trainer.