How to Browse and Edit Files and Folders in Firefox

Firefox is primarily a website browser, but you can also navigate C: folders with it. Firefox includes a built-in file browser to open folders and basic text and image files in its window with. You can also add the Fire Commander file manager, which has much more extensive options, to Firefox.

First, check out Firefox’s built-in navigator by entering ‘file:///C:/’ in its URL bar. Then when you press Enter, it will open the Index of file tab shown in the snapshot directly below. With that you can browse through your files much the same as in File Explorer.

fire commander

You can also open a limited number of files in Firefox from the Index of file tab. Click on basic txt text document, image, HTML and PDF files to open them in the tab as shown below. However, most files aren’t going to open in tabs; and instead will open with their default software package when you select them from the Index of file tab.

fire commander2

Add a new File Manager to Firefox with Fire Commander

Fire Commander is an extension that adds a new file manager to Firefox which you can move and edit files with. Click here to open the Fire Commander page on the Mozilla site and add it to the browser. Then click the Fire Commander button on Firefox’s toolbar to open the window below.

fire commander3

This is a duel-panel file manager that displays two separate folder hierarchies on the left and right of the window. That can come in handy as you can move one file on the left of the window to a folder open on the right. Select a folder to move a file to on the right, and then right-click the file on the left and select Move. That will open a window with path in it, and click OK to move the file.

fire commander4

This file manager also includes folder tabs. Press Ctrl + T to open a new folder tab in the selected left or right pane. Press Ctrl + W to close the selected tab in Fire Commander.

You can select most of the file options by right-clicking files in File Commander to open the context menu in snapshot directly below. That includes an Activate option to open the files with, Delete, Create directory and View. Select View to open a preview of basic txt text documents and images.

fire commander5

You can also set up keyboard shortcuts to open folders in Fire Commander. Click Commands on the menu bar and Options to open the window below. Click Favorites and enter a folder path in one of the Ctrl hotkey text boxes. Then you can press the corresponding Ctrl hotkey to open the folder in Fire Commander.

fire commander6

Without Fire Commander you can merely browse folders and files in Firefox. The add-on gives the browser a whole new file manager to edit files and folders with.

Posted by Matthew on September 20, 2016

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