How To Create a Boomerang on Snapchat

One of the reasons Snapchat has been able to maintain its popularity over the years in the face of extreme competition from platforms like Instagram is that the company has consistently added new, fun features to its platform. Features like Stories, the Snap Map, and more have given Snapchat some serious staying power.

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Another popular feature that has been introduced to Snapchat is Bounce, a cool feature that was announced a couple of years ago but didn’t actually launch until last year, in August of 2018.

So what is Bounce? How can you use Bounce to create fun Snaps to share with your friends?

Let’s take a look at what Bounce is and how you can use it to create a Boomerang on Snapchat.

Can You Create a Boomerang on Snapchat?

In a nutshell, Bounce is a tool that allows Snapchat users to create funky video loops that go back and forth, similar to the ones on Instagram’s Boomerang. Think of it like a .GIF that you actually have a bit more control over.

Most avid Snapchat users have been preparing their Boomerang-happy fingers for the feature that finally launched on August 31. With this feature, you have the option to create story-worthy loops of your friends falling, jumping into a pool, or doing some other activities you might find amusing. Or maybe you just want to embarrass a friend, instead; we at TechJunkie aren’t here to judge.

How Do you Make a Boomerang/Bounce on Snapchat for Android?

Unfortunately, if you’re using an Android device, you won’t be able to add Bounce to your arsenal of Snapchat tools. As of November 2019, Bounce remains an iOS-exclusive feature, a strange thing to keep from Android users.

Considering the relaunched Snapchat app appeared this year on Android with features slowly added back in, we’re hoping Bounce shows up at some point in 2019 or 2020 on our Google Pixels and Samsung Galaxy S10s. Still, if you have an iPhone, Bounce is there and ready for you to use. Android users, for now, will have to settle for Boomerang on Instagram.

Keep in mind, though, you can still loop videos on Android; however, the Bounce feature, which allows you to loop a specific portion of the video, has yet to come to Android.

Updating Snapchat

Before you actually start using the Bounce video loop, you need to make sure that your Snapchat is updated, or else it’s never going to work. The update gets you all of the latest features, which means that you can start using Bounce when the update is complete.

To make sure your Snapchat app is updated, follow these steps. Start by opening the App Store on your iPhone. From here, you’ll just need to go to the Updates to find all of the apps, including Snapchat, that need updating. Press the update button and wait until your device downloads all of the latest software updates. After the updates are complete, leave the App Store and relaunch Snapchat to start using the Bounce feature at your leisure.

How do you Make a Boomerang/Bounce Video on Snapchat?

Now that you have the updated Snapchat so that it includes Bounce, just tap on the app icon to launch it and play around with the feature until you have the hang of it.

It is actually quite easy to use Bounce; Snapchat isn’t a complicated app to use, and it would have been a bad call to complicate it after the fact. Just follow the steps listed below and your friends will be enjoying your funny video stories in no time.

Press and Hold the Capture Button

When you open Snapchat and get your camera ready, press and hold the “Capture” button that appears on your Camera screen. Record until you get the video you are happy with.

It doesn’t matter if you go over the designated length because you can always trim the clip to whatever length you would like afterward.

Trim the Video

In case your video is too long to be shared on Snapchat or includes some unnecessary footage, you need to trim it. Tap on the video that appears in the left-hand corner and use the sliders to adjust its length. While you are trimming the clip you should make sure that the final cut includes the section you wish to Bounce, or else it will all be a little bit pointless.

Use the Infinity Loop Icon

Once you’ve taken the footage and trimmed it to the correct length, you should tap on the “Infinity” icon to launch the Bounce option. As soon as you tap on the icon, a Bounce slider will appear. At this point, you need to find the section you like for your Boomerang-like video.

Moving the slider left or right adjusts the timeframe of the video you want to Bounce. If you move the slider to the left, the beginning of the video will be Bounced. On the other hand, moving the slider to the right lets you select the middle or the end section of the clip. At any given time, you will be able to have a quick preview of the loop and make some final adjustments until you are completely happy with the preview.

Share Your Loop

Hit the white arrow in the bottom-right corner to share your Bounce video. You can add the loop to your story or share it with one of your friends. This is entirely up to you. Just select the sharing option you want and for the next 24 hours, your Snapchat friends will be able to watch and enjoy your Bounce loop.

Other Looping Options

If you don’t want to create a Bounce, you can use the loop feature to accomplish other tasks.

Limitless Snaps

Before Bounce was actually introduced, Snapchat users could utilize the Limitless Snap option. Limitless Snaps are enabled when you press down on the Infinity icon. This option lets you choose the number of snaps you wish to take and play as part of an infinite loop.

A Regular Loop

If you don’t want to use the Bounce option, you can also just choose to loop your videos without the back and forth motion. This option was introduced way back before Bounce, so long-time Snapchat users are likely already familiar with it. With the latest update, you need to tap twice on the Infinity icon to activate a regular loop.

Final Thoughts

Snapchat is a social networking app that is keeping up with all the latest trends in video sharing. It frequently releases new updates that let you create amazing videos similar to those on other social media platforms. Using Bounce or any other looping option on Snapchat is plain sailing, so you shouldn’t hesitate to give it a try.

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