How To Customize OnePlus 5 Toggles

Posted by Desmond Andrada on April 17, 2018

The toggle on your notification bar is a great feature on your OnePlus 5 that lets you see any updates without you opening or unlocking your phone. Did you know that there are a lot of hidden features and quick tweaks for you to enable new and cool features that are loaded on your OnePlus 5? If you are an OnePlus 5 owner, you can quickly configure the WiFi and Bluetooth settings from the top of your screen in the notification bar. In the newest Android software update, OnePlus 5 gives you the ability to customize the notification bar any way you like. You can quickly learn how to change all the settings in the notification drawer and pulldown bar of your OnePlus 5 for it allows different types of customization.

You may have noticed that your OnePlus 5’s notification pulldown bar has a lot of toggles for settings. Depending on the carrier you’ll even have an always-present slider to change the brightness of your display. “Quick Settings” menu can be easily accessed by pulling the notification bar with your two fingers. Accessing this pages enables you to tweak the notification bar on the OnePlus 5. The instructions below will show you how to customize and set your own personal notification bar, and it’s very easy.

Customizing OnePlus 5’s Toggle

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. Drag down the notification bar then choose the upper right square icon to open the “Quick Settings”
  3. Choose the “Pencil” located at the top
  4. Head to your OnePlus 5’s Notification panel edit settings location. You can remove the brightness adjustment slider from your notification bar, and also tweak the buttons you want to customize
  5. Long press any toggle you want to be excluded on your Notification bar. Then move it to any part of the screen

Once done, you can now see the newly customized Notification Bar. The added buttons and toggles are the first list you’ll see when you swipe it down. Also, with the bigger “Quick Settings” menu that is accessible by swiping your two fingers down.

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