How to Delete Wi-Fi Networks in Windows 10

Windows 10 saves your Wi-Fi network profiles. If you ever need to set up a Wi-Fi network from scratch, which might sometimes be required to fix network issues, you’ll need to delete the network profile first. You can also delete all former Wi-Fi networks as follows.

Press the Win key + I hotkey to open the Settings app. Click Network and Internet and select Wi-Fi on the left of the window. Scroll down and click Manage Wi-Fi settings to open the options below.


That page lists your Wi-Fi networks below Manage known networks. Select a network profile from there to delete. Then you can press the Forget button to erase the network profile details from Windows 10.

The Command Prompt gives you another way to delete Wi-Fi network profiles. Press the Win key + R and input ‘cmd’ into Run’s text box to open the Command Prompt. Next, type ‘netsh wlan show profile’ into the Prompt and press Enter. That will show you a list of network profile passwords.


Now to delete one of those network profiles enter ‘netsh wlan delete profile name=”PROFILE NAME”’ into the Command Prompt. Replace PROFILE NAME with the network profile password. Then it could be something like that shown in the snapshot directly below. Press Enter to erase the network.


So that’s how you can delete Windows 10 Wi-Fi network profiles. Note that Windows 8 doesn’t include any options to erase Wi-Fi profiles within the PC Settings app, so the Command Prompt is more essential to purge Wi-Fi networks in that platform.

Posted by Matthew on September 15, 2016

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