How to Enable Developer Options on Android

How to enable developer options on Android

Older versions of the Android OS included a set of tools designed for developers but easily accessible to all users. With Google’s release of Android 4.2, these tools disappeared from the Settings menu. Though no longer visible by default, the Developer Options still exist and can easily be enabled.

Smartphone manufacturers do not put the Developer Options in a place that is standardized for all phones. So though the method for enabling these options is identical for all Android phones and tablets since 4.2, the particular location for accessing the options differs to some degree depending on the model.

To enable Developer Options on your smartphone, navigate to wherever the “Build number” information is found in the settings. This entry sometimes is located in a submenu, so if you don’t immediately find it, continue looking. Or, if your phone is one of the models below, learn the exact location on your smartphone and spare yourself some searching.

On the stock Android, “Build number” is found in the “About phone” submenu of Settings. The Samsung Galaxy S5 stores “Build number” in the Settings’ “About device” submenu. Both the LG G3 and the HTC One require you to navigate to the phone’s “Software information” submenu, which is behind the “About phone” or “About” menu, but the latter requires an extra step, since “Build number” is found beneath the “More” button.

Once you locate “Build number,” tap it seven times. Beginning with the fourth tap, a message counting down how many steps (taps) you are away “from being a developer.” On the seventh tap, a congratulatory message appears and the unlocked Developer Options are restored to your settings menu.

Restoring Developer Options provides additional functions used primarily to test software and apps that are under development. However, some of the 32 unlocked options can be useful, allowing advanced controls over certain processes to those who understand the possibilities and the risks. Keep in mind that most smartphone models don’t provide an easy way of removing the Developer Options, so be sure you want to restore the hidden menu before you begin tap-tap-tapping away.

Posted by Will on July 5, 2015

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