How to Find and Hatch Eggs in Pokémon Go

Playing Pokémon Go, you learn most of how to play on your own, since Pokémon Go isn’t exactly precise about how you go from one thing to the next. We’ve been checking in with other Pokémon Go players and coming up with our own findings the further we progress in the game. Since there’s definitely an individual learning curve, we’re happy to share the things we’ve discovered with you, so you don’t have to learn as much on your own. After you read our tips about finding and hatching eggs, please leave us a comment about anything you’ve learned in your Pokémon Go adventures that you’d like to share with us in return!

Find Some Eggs

Eggs—how do you get them? Over the weekend hiatus, we were able to explore Pokémon Go even further and gather some intel as we were out and about around town. You can score some Pokémon eggs at Pokestops. We were able to collect four over the weekend, and we’ve started to incubate one as well. In order to start finding eggs, go to a Pokestop located on your Pokémon Go app’s screen.

  • Once you’re close enough to the designated Pokestop, spin the round touchpad and items will start popping up on your screen.
  • Tap on the items that appear to collect them, and they’ll be added to your Items backpack.
  • When we found more Pokestops to get items from, we were pleasantly pleased to find out we’d collected four eggs from our selected Pokestops.

Upon examining the eggs in our Items backpack, we noticed something. Two of our eggs showed that they only needed for us to walk 2 km to hatch them, which is approximately one and a quarter mile. However, the other two eggs in our collection indicated that we’d need to walk 5 km for their incubation time until completely hatched. That’s about three and a quarter miles of hoofing it to hatch those eggs.Pokemon Go Eggs

You’ll actually have to walk, bike, or hop on your skateboard and have an egg in an incubator to hatch it. Pokémon Go can recognize whether you’re up and moving around—it will not work if you drive your egg around, trust us. So, don’t try to be slick; you’ll really need to do some physical form of moving around, whether walking, riding your bike, or boarding around your town or neighborhood.                                                                                                                                                                       0.2km egg

The maximum speed you’re going to be able to travel while Pokémon eggs are incubating is 19 miles per hour. Anything over 20 mph and Pokémon Go will not register incubation time for your eggs. Your inventory space only allows for nine Pokémon eggs at its fullest capacity. If you want more Pokémon eggs, you’ll need to incubate and hatch some in your Items backpack first. Then, you’ll get more Pokémon eggs dispensed to you at Pokestops.

What Do Eggs Dispense?

Well, besides the obvious—which would be Pokémon—eggs can also give you other needed resources for gameplay. Among the things you might receive from eggs once they’ve hatched are stardust and experience points. So it’s definitely worth adding some Pokémon eggs to your Items backpack and incubating them as soon as you’ve got some incubators to put them in and hatch them.  half incubated pokemon egg

We hope this has helped you in your quest for retrieving some Pokémon Go eggs to add to your items in your backpack. If you’re looking for some other helpful tutorials, check out our articles on how to use incense, collect stardust, get more candy, or get more coins. Remember to keep checking back for more Pokémon Go game information, tips, and tricks to make your gaming experience even more epic.

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