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How To Fix Camera Failed Problem On LG V20

It has been reported that some of those that own the LG V20 have had the camera fail on their smartphones. It seems like this happens after several days of normal usage. The LG V20’s main camera delivers an unexpected message – “Warning: Camera Failed” – and the LG V20 camera stops working. The issue isn’t fixed after rebooting the device or returning it to factory settings.

There isn’t quite a guaranteed way to fix this error, short of replacing the entire phone. The error could be caused by any number of reasons, and you won’t be able to tell at a glance what the cause is. The following are some possible solutions for a camera failed problem on LG V20 that you can do on your own, without getting a retailer involved.

How to Fix LG V20 Camera Failed Problem:

If none of the methods above work to fix a failed camera on the LG V20, then it’s recommended to get in contact with the retailer or LG and ask for a replacement, as the camera is damaged and not working.