How To Fix HTC One M9 Camera Problem With This Software Update

Posted by David Covington on April 11, 2015

One big issue that has been reported with the new HTC One M9 is the camera problem that many users are already having issues with. The HTC camera has always had problems in the past and now there is a way to fix this issue. The people from Phandroid have explained how to fix the HTC One M9 camera problem with a software update. The new HTC One M9 update fixes the needed camera issue and improvements to the device’s camera.

Below is a picture taken with the new software update on the right, the One M9 now snaps clearer pictures that have stronger contrast and are much more detailed:



Source: Phandroid


Also, other images taken by Phandroid shows fixes of the HTC One M9 camera problem, regardless of if the picture was taken indoors or outdoors. “Regardless of these minor inconsistencies, I think it’s fairly obvious to tell that this M9 camera update boasts huge improvements,” Phandroid writes. “I wouldn’t say that this catapults the M9’s camera from terrible to outrageously awesome, but those who decided against the M9 primarily due to the camera should consider giving it a second look.”

Check out more pictures yourself by clicking here.







Source: [ PHANDROID ]


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