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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Side Button Not Working (Power Button Problem)

Some have reported that the Samsung Galaxy S7 side button not working (power button problem) correctly. This issue has been reported to happen when hitting the button on the side of the Galaxy S7 to wake your smartphone and it doesn’t respond. Even though the buttons light up the screen doesn’t turn on when hitting the power button. Also it seems that this problems happens when you get a call and the Galaxy S7 rings, but the screen stays black and is not responding.


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Sometimes this issue happens after you install an app that may be causing this problem. It’s recommended to try to bring your phone in Safe Mode and test the button (Learn how to get Galaxy S7 in and out of Safe Mode [5]). We are not aware of any malware or app that may cause this problem but performing Safe Mode is an indispensable method to check if a rogue app is the cause. Another option is to reset the Galaxy S7 to its factory setting [6] if the problem continues after performing Safe Mode. Once, the phone has been reset, make sure that it runs the latest software update provided by your carrier. You may want to check with your service provider what should be the most recent system update version on the Galaxy S7.