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How To Get Emojis On Samsung Galaxy J7

Emojis are almost better than sending a text message to someone. If you have recently purchased a Galaxy J7 and want to know how to get the Galaxy J7 Emojis to show, we’ll explain below. Many have reported that the new Emojis won’t display on your Samsung Galaxy J7.
There could be a number of reasons why the new Emojis won’t show up on the Galaxy J7. The main issue can be not having the correct software installed that supports these Emojis. Different Emojis are available through different software. Samsung Galaxy owners can access a select number of Emojis by going to the keyboard “Menu” and then selecting “Insert Smiley.”
Operating System
If notice that others that own a Galaxy J7 can get these new Emojis, then you should check for a system update. You can do this by going to Menu > Settings > More > System Update > Update Samsung Software > Check Now to see whether an update is available. If you need to update the software, follow the prompts to update your version of Android.
Different Software
A main reason why emojis don’t work on the Galaxy J7 is because the software that the other person uses isn’t compatible with the software to your Galaxy J7. An example of this is when a third-party texting app may include emojis that aren’t supported by the default Android texting app used on the Galaxy J7. If you don’t have the same third-party app installed, this means that the Emojis won’t show up correctly. The best solution to this problem would be to ask the other person sending the emojis to use a different Emojis that work with your Samsung Galaxy J7.