How to Get Stardust in Pokémon Go

Posted by Heather on July 14, 2016

How can you get more stardust in Pokémon Go? To start, every time you catch a Pokémon, you get 100 stardust. That’s the easiest, most straightforward way to collect stardust. So, catch more Pokémon and build up your stardust stash—let it accumulate. That’s the simple answer . . .                                                Kakuna from Weedle

Let’s talk about other ways you can collect stardust, or ways to collect it faster.

Take Over a Gym

Another way you’ll be able to get stardust is by going to a gym and overtaking it. Then, place Pokémon to stay there daily and you’ll be rewarded with coins and stardust.

Be an Awesome Trainer

By leveling up your trainer skills, you’ll also receive stardust. So, be diligent and train as much as possible; and every time you level up as a trainer, you’ll see more stardust deposited to your Pokémon Go stash.

Evolve a Pokémon

Pokemon Evolution

Once you’ve gotten a significant amount of stardust and you’re ready for some evolution to happen, evolve a Pokémon. Note: Don’t do this willy-nilly, though. Make sure you’re ready and pick out your best Pokémon in order for the evolution process to be satisfying and gainful to your Pokémon Go experience. By evolving a Pokémon, you get more stardust—you have to use some stardust to get more stardust.

This is what we’ve learned about getting additional stardust in Pokémon Go thus far. If you’ve got a hot tip for us that isn’t listed here, please let us know. Keep checking back here for more Pokémon Go articles to help you or inform you of ways to be the best Pokémon Go gamer you can be!

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