How To Get Verified on Twitter

Posted by Heather on March 28, 2017
How to get Verified on Twitter

Twitter is the best place to connect with other people, brands and organizations.  You may want to have your Twitter account verified though so people know you’re the real deal.

When you see a blue badge with a white check mark inside it next to a public Twitter account, it means it’s verified.  It’s an authentic account and Twitter has verified that fact.

So, how does one get verified on Twitter?  Well, we’re going to tell you.  That way if, you’d like to verify your Twitter account as a real person, brand or company you’ll have the ability to do it.  If Twitter feels your account is of public interest, you shouldn’t have trouble getting your account verified.

Twitter Verification Prerequisites

You’re going to need a few things before you ask to get verified by Twitter.  Then, you’ll be on your way to having the Twitter verification badge displayed on your Twitter profile.  So, what do you need?  Here’s the list.

  1. You’ll need a phone number that’s been verified by Twitter as operational and legit.
  2. Make sure you’ve confirmed your email address associated with your Twitter account. Your email address should be the one linked to your personal Twitter account, brand or organization.
  3. Your bio needs to get filled out for the Twitter account you’re verifying.
  4. The profile picture for Twitter must be present; it can’t be the default Twitter egg.
  5. Place your header photo that you want to represent you or your brand in the Twitter header section. You can’t leave it empty.
  6. A date of birth needs to get associated with your Twitter account. Unless you’re a company, brand or organization.
  7. Have your website up and running.
  8. Tweets must have public viewability. This can get done in the tweet settings.

If you’re requesting verification of a personal Twitter account profile, you’ll also have to submit a copy of a valid official government issued id.  This can be your driver’s license or passport.  It’s used to confirm your request and gets deleted upon completion.

Recommended Twitter Account Profile Conditions

On your way to getting a verified Twitter account, there are some conditions that should be put in place to make it happen.

  • If you’re using a personal Twitter account for representing you then, the name used is either your real name or stage name.
  • When you’re representing a company, cooperation or brand, the Twitter account should also reflect that in the name.
  • Your profile and header photos are relevant and representative of you and or your company or brand.
  • The bio associated with the Twitter account expresses your mission, intent or expertise.


These are just some additional tips and reminders.  They can help your Twitter account be more likely to get verified and able to display the Twitter verification badge.

Twitter could ask for more information to verify your Twitter account.  It’s best to provide Twitter with the additional information should the need arise.  You’ll have a better chance of being Twitter verified by complying.

When you decide to verify your Twitter account you must be logged into the Twitter account requesting verification.  Then, you’ll need to fill out a verification request form.  You’ll receive an email from Twitter after your request is submitted.

You can request another Twitter verification for the same account 30 days after your first request should you be denied.  Twitter may ask that certain parts of your Twitter account profile get edited or they may require additional information.

Just follow the directions Twitter sent you via email to get your Twitter account up to verification standards.  Then, resubmit your request for Twitter verification.

That’s it.  You’re now able to go forth and verify your Twitter account.  Simply follow the recommended steps we’ve outlined then, get your Twitter verification.

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