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How To Make A Folder On Samsung Galaxy S9

If you need to rearrange a lot of the third-party apps you have installed on your device, then you must learn how to create folders on your Galaxy S9. Being able to arrange apps into specific folders will not only keep your home screen organized but it will also help you have quick access to the apps.

Samsung Galaxy S9’s Desktop-Like Feel

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone? If you do, then you will agree that it resembles a desktop experience. This is mainly because of the very many features that are included on the device. There is nearly nothing you can do on your desktop that you cannot do on your Galaxy S9 smartphone. You are probably now thinking of the many things that you can do on your desktop and will be wondering if you can also do them on your Galaxy S9 smartphone. If this is the case, then we can show you how to do something as common as creating a folder on your Galaxy S9 smartphone device. 
There are two methods through which you can create a folder on your Samsung Galaxy S9. We pride ourselves on meeting our readers’ expectations and that is providing solutions to their smartphone problems. For that reason, we are going to show you both methods of creating folders. By the time you are done reading this article, you should have a clearer picture as to which is the easiest and quickest method to get the job done.

Drag And Drop Method

One of these methods involves selecting specific apps and then dragging it over the other app as long as you would like both apps to be in the same folder. Such apps should have a common ground, at least in an organization’s perspective. There’s no rule that will stop you from putting apps together in the same folder. They could be trading apps, gaming apps, messaging apps or music and video apps. Ideally, as soon as you place the first app over its compatriot, you should be able to see an enlarged second app.
When this happens, release the apps to merge both apps into a single folder. A newly created window should be displayed containing both apps. Rename the folder by typing in the appropriate field a folder name that will identify the apps placed in that particular folder. Do you think that this process is simple and fast enough? If you don’t think so or still want another look at the alternative solution, then read further below.

Creating Multiple Folders

Alternatively, you can create multiple folders by going to the screen on which you want to organize the apps into folders. Of the two apps, you would like to organize, select only one of them. Press and hold on this particular app until it hovers on the screen then move it around the screen and place it on top of the other app.
Let go of the app’s icon after overlapping it with the second one then notice a window with a new name. Type into the name field an appropriate name for this folder. Move all the other similar apps into this folder by dragging and dropping them into this folder.
These are the two simple ways of adding a folder name on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.