How to Pin Windows in Windows 10

Posted by Matthew on April 25, 2016

Windows 10 includes three buttons at the top right of windows. They are the Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons. There isn’t a button there you can select to pin a window so that it always remains on top of the other open windows. However, with DeskPins you can pin windows on the desktop.

First, add DeskPins to Windows 10 from this Softpedia page. Press the DOWNLOAD NOW button on that page to save its Zip file. Then you can run the software’s setup wizard from the Zip without extracting the file. Open the software from then Start menu, and then you’ll find a DeskPins icon the system tray as shown in the shot below.


Now open a few software packages in Windows 10. Clicking the DeskPins icon on the system tray changes your cursor to a pin. Now click anywhere within an active (or selected) window to pin it.

When you’ve done that, you should find a red pin on the window’s title bar as shown below. That highlights you’ve pinned the window. If the pinned window is maximized, press its Restore Down button and then click on one of the windows open behind it. You’ll find that the pinned window always remains on top. Thus, you can’t open other windows over the pinned window.


You can remove a pin from a window by clicking its icon on the title bar. Alternatively, there is also a Ctrl + F12 hotkey that removes pins from windows. You can also select Remove all pins by right-clicking the DeskPins system tray icon.

You can also add pins to multiple windows. If you have pinned two windows, neither of them is given priority. As such, you can open one pinned window on top of another as if they weren’t pinned.

To open further options, right-click the system tray icon and select Options. That opens the window in the shot below. There you can change the pin colors from the Pins tab. Select the Hotkeys tab to customize the keyboard shortcuts. Press the Apply button to save any newly selected options from that window.


So this is a simple package with which you can pin windows to the desktop with. If you need to keep one, or more, open window on top of the others, the pin mode is a handy option to have. You can also pin windows with the PinMe program.

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