How to play Duck Hunt in Google Chrome and Firefox

Duck Hunt is a classic retro game that was bundled with the NES console. In this game the players shot birds, or ducks, out of the sky with the Zapper to clock up scores. Now you can play the original Duck Hunt, and remakes, in Google Chrome and Firefox for some browser fun.

Google Chrome has a Duck Hunt extension you can add to the browser. Click the + Add to Chrome button on this page to add the extension to Chrome. Then you can click on a Duck Hunt icon on the toolbar to open the game in the browser as shown in the snapshot below.

duck huntNow click Game A to begin blasting away at the ducks. The mouse replaces the gun. So move the cursor and left-click to shoot those ducks out of the sky.

That extension is exclusive to Chrome, but you don’t need it to play Duck Hunt in Firefox or other browsers. Instead, check out the Duck Hunt Web game at this site. That’s just the same as the Duck Hunt Chrome extension.

duck hunt2

Duck Hunt also has a few remakes. For example, you can play the Duck Hunt Remake 2 at this page. The remake has revamped graphics and a wider variety of landscapes than the original.

At the bottom right of the game there’s a play in full-screen button. Press that button to open the game in expanded fullscreen as in the snapshot below. You can click Help on the menu page for further game details.

duck hunt3

Duckmageddon is another remake of the classic Duck Hunt. You can play it on this page. In this game you need to shoot a specific number of ducks out of the sky on each level. It also has an ammo bar for you to reload the gun with.

duck hunt4

So now you can play the original Duck Hunt, or a few remakes, in any browser. The Web games restore all the blasting frolics from the original title.

Posted by Matthew on November 3, 2016

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