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How to Remove LG G3 Battery & Replacement Guide

The LG G3 doesn’t have the best battery life and is one of the negatives of the smartphone. Some users want to know how to remove the LG G3 battery and replace it with a new one for an extended battery life. The following guide will help is for those you need a LG G3 battery replacement for better performance. The steps required to replace your LG G3 battery is simple and can be done yourself, instead of taking it to a replacement service. This will save you time and money for a LG G3 battery replacement for smartphone.

The following is an instructional guide with video that will help you replace your LG G3 battery. You can purchase a LG G3 replacement battery on Amazon.com for $7.00 [1].



How to change your LG G3 battery

  1. Turn off the LG G3 smartphone.
  2. Remove the SIM card tray and start removing the LG G3 back cover with a pry tool.
  3. Move the pry tool around the LG G3 until the entire back of the cell phone has been removed.
  4. Now peel of the tape that is holding the battery in place.
  5. Remove the LG G3 battery.
  6. Replace the old battery with the new LG G3 battery that you have purchased.
  7. Reapply the tape to the battery.
  8. Place the back cover of the LG G3 back on.
  9. Reinsert your SIM card tray.
  10. Turn the LG G3 smartphone back on.



You can also watch this YouTube video on how to replace your LG G3 battery: