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How To Set, Edit And Delete Snooze Feature On Galaxy S9

There are different aspects to the Snooze feature on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone which you need to be aware of. Your Galaxy S9 allows you to set, edit and delete the snooze feature when your alarm goes off. If you are interested in learning how this feature works, then you need to read this article further below.
There a lot of advantages to using the Samsung Galaxy S9 alarm clock feature. If you need to wake up on time for school, work or just to begin your day, then the alarm clock is the perfect tool to use as a reminder. What is even better is the fact that you can use the snooze feature to delay the time of waking up when the alarm goes off but you realize you can still have a few more minutes of sleep. The snooze feature should be used with some caution because there is a temptation to snooze the alarm beyond the critical waking up time.
In this post, we shall go through a few of the ways through which you can adjust the alarm settings according to your schedule. You can add more alarms to the existing one while also deleting previous alarms that are outdated. Moreover, we will also tackle and highlight a few crucial points about the snooze feature and how to best use it on your Galaxy S9 smartphone.

Managing Alarms On Your Galaxy S9

Setting up alarms is only precise as long as you can set them according to your preferences. To set up an alarm on your Galaxy S9 smartphone, tap on the Apps icon then select on Clock. In the clock menu, tap on Create.

Shutting Down an Alarm

If the alarm goes off and you wake up, you may not need it to continue playing. To shut it down, all you need to do is press and slide the red X in any direction.

Set Up The Snooze Feature

As we have so many times mentioned, your alarm clock has a special feature known as the snooze feature. Usually, you can only activate the snooze feature after your alarm has gone off. To enable snoozing, press om the ZZ icon on the screen after the alarm goes off and swipe it in any direction.

Getting Rid Of The Alarm

There are times when you would feel like your sleep is more important. Perhaps you have mistakenly set the alarm or set it to repeat on the wrong dates such as a Saturday, you will be looking for a way to get rid of the alarm. To delete the alarm, just access the alarms from the Clock. Now hold on an alarm you want to delete until you see the option to Delete then tap on it. If you don’t want to completely delete the alarm, just tap on the Clock instead of deleting.