How to Show the Battery Percentage on Your iPhone or iPad

Posted by Jim Tanous on February 22, 2015
iPhone battery percentage

By default, iOS displays the battery life on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via a battery icon that drains from right to left as battery life diminishes. While offering a clean and simple design, this makes it difficult for users to accurately ascertain the exact amount of battery life remaining on their iDevice, as the difference between, for example, 70 and 60 percent is hard to distinguish with such as small graphic.
Thankfully, Apple offers an option to display the exact percentage of battery charge remaining in addition to the battery icon, and it’s a feature that we’ve used so often over the years that we forgot it wasn’t enabled by default. To enable the display of battery percentage on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, head to Settings > General > Usage. There, find the option for Battery Percentage and set it to on (green).
enable iPhone battery percentage
You’ll immediately see a percentage value appear to the left of the battery life icon at the top of your iOS device’s screen, representing the current level of battery charge (with 100 percent corresponding to a full charge). If you ever want to remove this percentage and return to just the default battery icon, head back to the Usage section in Settings and set the Battery Percentage option back to off.
In addition to offering users a more accurate picture of their iDevice’s battery life, enabling the battery percentage indicator can also help users diagnose hardware or software issues that may result in shorter than expected running time. While drastic drops in battery charge due to a hardware issue or power-hungry software may be visible using just the battery icon, having access to a range of specific battery level percentages can clearly reveal your iPhone or iPad’s status and assist in identify the root cause of the issues.

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