How To Solve Swipe Typing Issues On Your Galaxy S9

One impressive fact about the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone is that it has a lot of storage capacity which means that you can save all kinds of personal data on it. The only setback is that when you have saved a lot of stuff on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and you can no longer trace some of them.
It gets even worse when you realize that the keyboard suggestions start getting things wrong. You end up with contacts and email addresses as suggestions instead of words. If you have ever experienced this problem, then you ought to learn how to fix it. This can be quite annoying but since there is a solution, the best thing is to read this guide and learn how to tackle this problem on your own.

Resolving Galaxy S9 Swipe Typing Issues

Don’t let the eager drive you to a point where you feel like throwing your expensive Galaxy S9 smartphone out of the window. The first thing you need to think of when looking for a solution is that the keyboard is probably malfunctioning. But fixing the keyboard is easy because all you need to do is clear the cache or perform a factory reset which is a more aggressive approach. Either way, you will be able to fix whatever keyboard issues that might be causing the problem at hand.
Before you start thinking about the lengthy process of backing up data so as to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone, we would like to encourage you to try and consider clearing the cache of your keyboard first. The steps below are procedurally outlined to effectively help you clear your Samsung Galaxy S9 keyboard cache on your own.

To Clear The Cache Of Your Samsung Keyboard:

  1. Turn on your Galaxy S9 smartphone
  2. From your home screen, tap on the Apps menu then select Settings
  3. Go to Applications then tap n Applications Manager
  4. In the Application Manager menu, swipe to view All tabs
  5. Tap on the Samsung Keyboard from the list of apps listed there
  6. Select Storage menu then choose to Clear Cache
  7. Now tap on Delete

Wait for a few seconds for the phone to complete clearing the Keyboard cache then exit the menus and restart your Samsung Galaxy S9 device. When your phone reboots, it might take longer than usual to load some apps because the cache memory needs time to rearrange components together. This will, in the end, get rid of the email addresses suggestions when you are composing text messages in the messaging app.

Check Email Suggestions

To test whether the email address suggestions have been fixed, open an app such as the messaging app where you will need to use the Samsung keyboard. If you are still getting the email addresses suggestions, you will need to brace your device for the factory reset operation in order to get rid of this problem once and for all.

Factory Resetting Your Galaxy S9

Preparing the Galaxy S9 for factory reset is all about backing up your apps, music, videos, pictures, accounts, and settings. Once you perform a factory reset, your phone will be back to the original state in which it was when you first bought the device for the first time. But at least you will not find texting unbearable on your device.
If this guide was useful, feel free to email us about possible issues and questions you may need to be answered concerning the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

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