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How To Spell Check On Galaxy S9

The autocorrect feature is one that has attracted both likes and dislikes. Some folks will find a great use or it as a time-saving tool when typing. Others have come to loathe it because it can be quite confusing at times. Well, the latter can be justified in their sentiments because time and again the auto-correct feature has been known to provide incorrect words on several occasions.
We have been made aware of these conflicting interests in the use of the auto-correct feature and hence we thought it best to bring to your attention the alternatives that you can use. The options can vary from disabling the auto-correct feature or adding words to the dictionary. This is so that the autocorrect feature does not highlight them as being wrong. It ensures a flawless typing session every time you are using your Galaxy S9 to type some words.
You could indicate those words that auto-correct needs to accommodate and not highlight them as wrong ever again.

How To Add Words To Your Auto-correct Dictionary

The auto-correct feature can particularly be very frustrating when it highlights and automatically replaces any word it considers to be wrong. This option of the auto-correct feature is known as the auto-replacement option. It will always replace an unfamiliar word even though it is what you meant to write. A different and more appropriate word will be put in place even though it is contextually wrong. What’s more is it replaces it immediately even when you aren’t finished typing the word.
The remedy to this annoying settings is to manually add words to the dictionary so that they are not auto replaced each time you type them. Although it sounds somehow technical, I can assure you that the process to add words to the dictionary is quite simple. All you have got to do is to tap the corrected word then select the word you typed and was corrected. This automatically indicates to auto-correct that this is a correct word and anytime you type it again it won’t be changed.
That is all you have to do for each word that is wrongly replaced by the auto-correct feature. With some patience, you will be able to tune the auto-correct to accept all your words and this is the process of adding words to the dictionary.

How To Completely Turn Off Auto-correct

Adding words to the dictionary is recommended for individuals who prefer not to turn off the auto-correct feature. If you are not a fan of the auto-correct feature at all, you can decide to turn it off completely. To do that, you need to follow the steps provided below to the latter.

  1. Turn on your Galaxy S9 smartphone
  2. Go to the home screen and tap on the Apps item
  3. Once you get there, you need to go to the Settings
  4. In the Settings menu, select on Language and Input
  5. Tap on the Keyboard section
  6. Here, locate the Smart Typing feature from which a list of options will be provided. Choose the smart typing features you would like to disable. You can choose to disable all or just some of them. Below are the options that will be available in this section:
    • Predictive text – This option suggests words when you are typing below the keyboard field. This prediction will depend on the letters typed as well as the context of the sentence
    • Auto-replace – the auto-replace option automatically highlights and replaces a word that you typed with one that it considers being appropriate
    • Auto-check spelling – this is a moderate auto-correction feature and it only highlights a word that could be wrongly spelled in red
    • Auto-spacing – this feature places spaces anywhere between words where two possible words have been placed without a space between them
    • Auto-punctuation – automatically inserts apostrophes or periods where it deems appropriate


Having gone through all the options available to you, it is your choice now whether or not you still need the auto-correct feature on your Samsung Galaxy S9. If you can tweak the settings to get rid of those highly annoying aspects of the auto-correct feature, then you can effortlessly work with the remaining beneficial options. The ball is now in your court. Choose the option that best suits your interests, ours is just to give you the options.