How To Turn OFF Location Services On Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has some pretty cool features. But if you use it for long enough, you will realize some features can be a real headache. The best part of using the location services comes in many ways. Think of how cool it can be to sit down and look at the places you have been in the last few days.
Furthermore, the location services will enable you to track your smartphone if you happen to accidentally lose it or if it gets stolen. Using the location services on Galaxy S9 also gives you a suggestion of places you can visit considering the places you have been to recently. With location services, you can access the benefits of using Google Maps.
There are plenty of benefits of using the Google location services. Although, some people are too wary of Google tracking their location. Some users consider it as a breach of privacy. Are you worried by the fact that Google may be tracking your moves? You may be uncomfortable with the Google location tracking system. If so, you can put an end to it by following the instructions provided below.

Turn Off The Location Tracking On Galaxy S9

There are two ways through which you can access location services on Galaxy S9 smartphone. These two ways are explained below;

  1. Use the App Drawer from where you can select Google Settings which should take you to the Location menu.
  2. Alternatively, you can access the location services from the settings. Once you get to the Settings menu, just tap on the Location item from the list of settings.

In the location settings, you should be able to have a look at all the apps that accessed the location of Samsung Galaxy S9. At this point, you should be very critical taking note of all the apps that were able to track your location even though you never intended for them to. Investigate why and how such apps were able to track your location without requesting your permission first. Ensure that there is no breach of security protocol on your Galaxy S9.

Two Ways of Turning Off Location

All these left aside, it’s time to focus on your two main options:
  • You can decide to disable GPS alone. This will be possible if you put your Galaxy S9 in the battery saving mode. However, note that if you access the internet, the mobile and Wi-Fi networks you are connected to will still place on a map. To change to the battery saving mode, just tap on Mode then select Battery Saving.
  • Instead of switching to the Battery Saving mode, you can choose the option of entirely switching off the location services. To disable the Google location services, just tap on the toggle/switch in the top right corner of your screen to OFF from ON.

By following the options provided above, you will be able to prevent Google from keeping track of your every move. Now that you have disabled the location function, you need to follow through by also disabling the location reporting service. Only then will you be sure and comfortable that your moves are not being tracked or reported.

Disable the Google Location Reporting Service

Well, if you thought that Google has no data on you, then you are highly mistaken. Google does not only collect information about your location instantaneously, it does so for as long as you are connected to the Google Location service. Once it has gathered some information regarding your location services, it stores all this information on its privately owned servers. You should know that if you have been using your Galaxy S9 with Google tracking your moves, then by now Google already stored a surprisingly amount of information on you.
If you would like to know what information Google has stored from its location tracking services, you can check from this page. Most of the information is just related to those places you have visited.
There is a way you can prevent Google from storing such information on its servers. That is by disabling the Google Location Reporting settings. Go to your Settings and locate the location reporting settings. Now disable both the location reporting as well as the location history.
If you complete the step explained above, you can be guaranteed that all location services on your device have been eliminated. This far you have come should be enough to keep you informed of all the pros and cons that come with using location services. And now, you should make an informed decision of whether or not to continue using it.

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