How To Use Fingerprint Sensor On LG V20


For those that own a LG V20 you may not know of the Fingerprint Sensor. This Fingerprint reader on LG V20 allows you to use LG or Android Pay and login into apps or websites with your fingerprint as password.

For those that want to know how to use the Fingerprint Sensor on the LG V20, go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Screen lock type > Fingerprints and follow the onscreen instructions to enable and set up the fingerprint scanner on the LG V20. Later on you can come back and either add more fingerprints or remove fingerprints that will match with the LG V20 Fingerprint Sensor.


The main reason you would want to know how to set up the LG V20 Fingerprint reader is to be able to use your thumb to unlock the smartphone with one hand. Another reason you should use the Fingerprint scanner on the LG V20 is that you want have to type in different passwords when surfing the web with a sign-in page or downloading different apps to verify a LG account. The following is a guide on how to set up the improved LG V20 Fingerprint Sensor.


Set up the Fingerprint Sensor

The LG V20 makes it easy to protect your smartphone with the new and improved built-in fingerprint scanner on both of the new smartphones by LG. You don’t have to mess with any passwords or patterns to unlock your device. It’s simple to use and simple to set up for the first time.

  1. Turn on LG V20
  2. Go to the Lock screen and security in the Settings
  3. Select on Fingerprint and then +Add fingerprint
  4. Follow the instructions until 100% of your fingerprint has been scanned
  5. Setup a backup password
  6. Select Ok to Enable Fingerprint Lock
  7. Now to unlock your phone simply hold your finger on the home button


If your LG V20 is stolen the fingerprint scanner can help keep your personal data safe, but it won’t return the phone for you.




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