How To View FaceTime Call History On iPhone And iPad

A common question that is asked by those that own an iPhone or iPad is how to view the FaceTime call history on iOS for calls that you have missed. Using the FaceTime call history will allow you to look up a phone number or email that has called you using FaceTime in the past.

For those iPhone and iPad owners that use FaceTime audio and video often, you may already know that people can use both emails and phone numbers when making a FaceTime call. This is why it’s important to know how to access FaceTime call history that will only show FaceTime activity, instead of it being combined with your regular call history.

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How to view your FaceTime call history in iOS:

  • First, unlock your iPhone or iPad.
  • Open the FaceTime app. If you can’t find the FaceTime app, swipe down on your Home screen and type it into the search bar

  • A list of calls will be shown with the numbers that have contacted you for FaceTime. You can see which FaceTime calls were video and which were audio by reading the description under each call. It will say, “FaceTime Video,” or, “FaceTime Audio”.
  • Calls that are highlighted in red are the FaceTime calls that you missed, while those that are grey are ones that you either answered or made.
  • To read the contact details for each FaceTime call, click the blue “i” in a circle.

Bonus FaceTime Tips And Tricks

Since iOS 12, FaceTime has gotten some great extra features that FaceTime users are sure to love. For one thing, it’s now possible to make a group call using FaceTime with up to thirty different users. Just press the “+” button in the top right corner of the screen and type in the names of everyone you want to add to the call. FaceTime will automatically show the video feeds of the people talking, making it easy to manage a call with multiple people.

Another helpful feature for FaceTime is recording your FaceTime calls. This is great for work calls, especially for freelancers. To record your FaceTime calls, just swipe up from the bottom of your screen during a call, tap the record button in your Control Center, and your phone will start recording your call!

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