All the Ideal Facebook Image Post Sizes – 2019

If you’re an avid Facebook user, then you know the sting of disappointment when you upload your favorite shot from that weekend in Maui and it looks wonky, warped, or blurry on your Facebook feed. The photo looks gorgeous when you admire it on your phone. Where did you go wrong?

The truth is, Facebook doesn’t tailor image sizes to match your chosen shots. On the contrary, it changes those shots to conform to its prescribed image sizes. So unless your picture is at least close to the right size, it won’t come out looking the way you intended.

To further complicate matters, image size recommendations vary by Facebook photo type. So when you get the sizing right for one photo, that doesn’t mean you have it down for all of them. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered.

Facebook Profile Photo

Let’s start with the most basic: your Facebook profile photo. This small square photo occupies the space in the bottom left hand corner of your banner photo. It’s also the same photo that shows up in all of your profile thumbnails.

This photo is a perfect square. As it displays on the profile page, it is 170×170 pixels on desktop and 128×128 pixels on smartphones. If clicked on, then the desktop photo expands to 850×850 pixels.

What does this mean for your profile photo? It means you need a photo that’s at least 850×850 in size if you don’t want it to appear blurry when expanded. If you don’t care about the expanded image, then you just need a photo that’s at least 170×170.

If you select a photo that’s not a perfect square, then don’t sweat it. As long as the length and width each meet minimum dimensions, there shouldn’t be any stretching or blurring. However, the photo will be cropped and centered to make a square, so you might lose a little off the edges.

Facebook Banner Photo

The banner photo, also called the cover photo, is larger and more rectangular. It hangs out behind the profile photo across the top of the profile page.

The banner photo is 820×312 pixels but when expanded, it displays at up to 2037×754 pixels, making this the ideal size for the photo you upload. This also makes the photo dimensions 2.7 to 1. It’s important to keep this in mind if you don’t want to have the photo cropped or stretched.

Facebook Photo Post

Even the photos you upload just to share in one-off posts come with their own ideal dimensions. Images on shared posts appear in feeds at about 470×715 pixels and at 1200×630 pixels when expanded. For the best results, you’ll want your image to be at least that large.

Facebook Event Photos

Event cover photos set the mood for your event, located at the top of the event page much the way your profile cover photo is. These photos appear at 1200×444 pixels and are not to be confused with event images that appear in the event feed. The later show in the feed at 470×174 and expands to 1920×1080.

Business Page Photos and More

Business page profile and banner photos use the same dimensions as your personal profile. However, it’s worth emphasizing the importance of getting these dimensions right. Ensuring that your photos are the right size is ensuring that they look polished and professional. It’s also the best way to help your Facebook friends experience your memories the way they were meant to.

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