How to add Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky Option to Your Chrome Search Engines

The I’m Feeling Lucky button is a search option included in the Google search engine. Pressing this button with a keyword entered automatically opens the first page in the search results. So it can be a handy shortcut, and you can set up your Google Chrome search box, otherwise address bar, to search with I’m Feeling Lucky.

Click the hamburger button at the top right the Chrome window and select Settings. Then scroll down that page a little to the Search options. Press the Manage search engines button to open the window below.

i'm feeling lucky

You can add a variety of new search engines to your search box from here. At the bottom of that window there are three text boxes where you can input new search engines. Enter ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ in the Add a new search engine text box. Add a suitable keyword for it in the Keyword text box.

Then enter something in the URL box. Enter the following URL in that box: ‘’ Press the Finished button to close the window.

Now enter the keyword for the I’m Feeling Lucky search engine in the Chrome address bar and press Tab. That will then activate I’m Feeling Lucky in your Google search box. Enter a keyword and press Return to find a page for it. One page that matches the keyword will then open in your browser.

i'm feeling lucky2

So now you can do some quick searches with the I’m Feeling Lucky option from your Google Chrome search box. Note that this trick won’t work on mobile browsers.

Posted by Matthew on June 26, 2016

One thought on “How to add Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky Option to Your Chrome Search Engines”

Shounak Adhya says:
Please activate feeling lucky in Google on android.
Donna White says:
How can I get the “I’m feeling lucky” on my mobile phone?

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