What is IMDbPro? Is it worth the money?

Posted by Jamie on March 15, 2017

Is there anyone out there on the internet who doesn’t know what IMDb is? Or who hasn’t searched the site looking for an actor’s name or to see what other shows or movies they have been in? What about IMDbPro? Ever heard of that? Me neither until a few months ago.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is the largest, most popular TV and movie database on the internet. It lists thousands of TV shows, movies, actors and other information about the entertainment business. It tells you who starred, who wrote, who produced, directed and featured on almost every TV or movie ever released.

The standard site is free to use and doesn’t need membership. You can register of course and in return for your email, you get the opportunity to customize your experience and write reviews, comments and whatever else you feel the need to share on the site.


What is IMDbPro?

So all well and good, IMDb is a free resource for TV and movie geeks to learn who starred in what and add their own reviews to the site. IMDbPro on the other hand is something different.

IMDbPro was initially launched in 2002 and provided a forum for anyone who wanted to research the entertainment industry. It also allows you to post a resume and look for roles but that isn’t its main focus. In return for a monthly subscription, IMDbPro allows you to see what productions are on the horizon, who is working on what, how to contact directors and agencies and a host of other resources for the budding actor/cameraman/writer or whatever.

A couple years ago, IMDbPro also added the Pro Casting service. This is a listings service featuring casting calls, auditions and upcoming roles. It is another way for the aspiring star to find work and seems to be working quite well. The Pro Casting service isn’t just for those in front of the camera but for all of those aspiring screenwriters who want a break too.

IMDbPro is not designed to be the one place to find your next role. It is still primarily for research, to find out what’s going on, where and with whom. But in addition, it does feature some listings for those within the industry.


How much does IMDbPro cost?

IMDbPro has either a monthly subscription or a yearly charge. Currently, it costs $19.99 per month or $149.99 per year. You do get a 30-day free trial of IMDbPro and then after your initial trial, you will be billed to continue to use the site.

In return for that investment you get:

  1. An IMDb name page with vanity URL
  2. Your own resume page
  3. A place to add demo reels, breakdowns and roles
  4. Image gallery with headshot and up to 100 images
  5. Twitter and blog feed
  6. The ability to post notices or apply for roles

There are other benefits to IMDbPro that revolve more around research so it isn’t just about actors and acting. There are also complete filmographies, a much more detailed database of people, places and their contact details, company and agent contact information and daily industry news from insiders.

Is IMDbPro worth the money?

Whether IMDbPro is worth the money or not is very subjective. If you’re into research, want to know what’s coming up or work in the industry and want an insider view, then likely yes. The ability to see projects currently in development, answer casting calls or apply for roles is fantastic for those working in entertainment.

IMDbPro provides an excellent resource for screenwriters to get their work noticed, for actors to display themselves, for filmmakers and producers to research applicants, for journalists to research people, movies and more and for general movie lovers who want every last detail about their chosen hobby.

When I used to write movie reviews, I would always go to IMDb to check facts before publishing. As a resource it is unsurpassed. I didn’t subscribe to IMDbPro, but could see the value in it for a full-time movie writer or journalist.

The Starmeter is also a neat aspect of IMDbPro that will suit the narcissistic side of the industry. Each subscriber has the option for a Starmeter which shows the rise and fall of their career. If you’re in the industry, this is more amusing than informative but is a useful feature nonetheless.

IMDbPro is an excellent resource if you’re in the entertainment industry or are heavily invested in the business. For most people, a subscription won’t be necessary but if movies and TV play a big part in your life, it probably is.

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