How to Import Google Photos to Amazon Photos

how to import google photos to amazon photos

There are many reasons to ditch Google Photos in favor of Amazon Photos. The latter offers better options and more advanced features. This is especially true if you have already subscribed to Amazon Prime/Amazon Drive, as the service comes included. However, migrating from Google Photos to Amazon Photos is a bit tricky and going to take some time. Here’s how to do it.

Amazon Photos Benefits

Amazon Photos excels when it comes to storage limits. Where Google Photos allows you to have free storage for photos of up to 16 megapixels, Amazon Prime members can upload an unlimited number of full-resolution photos to the app. This is especially handy for photographers and graphic designers, who would be able to store an unlimited number of RAW files on Amazon Photos, instead of having them automatically converted to JPEG by Google Photos.

Amazon Photos also offers Family Vault and Amazon Prints. Family Vault allows you to add up to 5 family members to your Photos account, meaning that they also gain access to Amazon Photos with no charge. Amazon Prints offers many useful options for printing your photos on various items. Compared to Google Photos’ 1-person sharing and two print options, Amazon is the clear winner here.

1. Sync with Google Drive

Every one of your photos on Google Photos should be in your Google Drive. Before doing anything else, make sure that all the photos are there by navigating to Settings in Google Drive and check the Automatically put your Google Photos into a folder in My Drive.

2. Sign Up and Configure Prime Photos

First of all, take note that the best way to get Amazon Photos is to become an Amazon Prime subscriber, as this comes with much better options than subscribing to Amazon Drive. If you aren’t a Prime member, sign in to your Amazon account and upgrade your membership. Once you’ve set up your Family Vault (not required, but definitely recommended), consider turning the Add Uploads to Family Vault option on.

3. Free Up Your Space

Unfortunately, the desktop app for Google Photos no longer exists, so you’ll have to use your mobile device here. Start by removing all the photos that have already been uploaded to your Google Photos account. Tap on the Google Photos icon on your device and navigate to the app menu and tap Free up space.

4. Turn Off Back up & Sync

This is the last step that involves the Google Photos app. If you want to keep the app, go to settings and turn the Backup & sync option off. If you no longer need the Google Photos app, feel free to delete it now. It is recommended that you keep it installed until you’re done moving photos, though.

back up and sync

5. Prime Photos App

Download and install the Prime Photos app on your device. If you want Prime Drive to back up your phone’s photos and videos automatically, go to Settings and turn the auto-save option on by navigating to Auto-Save and activating the sliders next to Photos and Videos.

6. Syncing to Your Local Computer

Download Google’s Backup and Sync application. It will allow you to sync all of your photos on your local computer. To download the app, click the settings icon and select Download Backup and Sync for Windows/Mac. Sign in to the app, skip the backup step (you already did this), and select Sync My Drive to this computer. Select the folders of photos that you want to save. This step might take some time, so make sure that your internet connection is uninterrupted.

7. Upload to Amazon Drive

Download and install the Amazon Drive desktop app and back up all the desired photos and videos.


Enjoying Amazon Photos

That’s it! If you did everything correctly, your selected photos and videos should automatically make their way to Amazon Photos. Your family members will also see the photos if you turned the Family Vault option on.

Did you manage to migrate to Amazon Photos? Let us know if you have any other questions about Amazon Photos or another Amazon Prime service.

2 thoughts on “How to Import Google Photos to Amazon Photos”

Patrick says:
This article was written after Google stopped syncing photos. More research should have been done.
tim says:
this doesn’t work anymore because you can’t sync your google photos to google drive anymore

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