How to Include the Cursor in Windows 10 Screenshots

Posted by Matthew on May 10, 2016

This article covered how you can capture screenshots with Windows 10’s Snipping Tool and other options. However, neither the default PrtSc or Snipping Tool in Windows 10 include the cursor in the snapshot. How then can we take a Windows 10 snapshot with the cursor included? You can do that with the Gadwin PrintScreen utility.

First, add Gadwin PrintScreen to Windows 10 from here. Click Gadwin PrintScreen there to save the freeware version’s Zip folder. Then click the software’s setup wizard in the Zip to install it, and open the utility’s window shown in the snapshot below. That’s actually a menu that docks to the side of the desktop.

gadwin snapping

Now you can get snapping with Gadwin PrintScreen. Press the PrtSc key to capture a snapshot of your desktop. That will open the window in the shot below.

gadwin snappin2

The window includes the desktop screenshot you just captured. You will no doubt spot that your snapshot also includes the mouse cursor in it! So now you can save this snapshot to Clipboard by pressing the Apply button at the top left of the window.

Paste the image into Paint by pressing Ctrl + V. That hotkey will paste the snapshot there, and below is an example of a desktop snapshot captured with the Gadwin PrintScreen. Note the software also saves a history of your snapshots, which you can open by selecting Show Capture History on the circular menu.

gadwin snapping3

You can also include alternative cursors in the snapshot. To do that, select Show Options on the circular menu to open the window below. Then click Image and select the Use a cursor from file check box. Click Cursor File and the button to choose an alternative cursor to include in the image, and then press the Open button. The snapshot will include the cursor selected even if you captured it with the default one.

gadwin snapping4

So with Gadwin PrintScreen you can now capture a variety of cursors within your snapshots. With the cursor in the shots you can highlight software options and settings more effectively.

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