How to Include the Cursor in Windows 10 Screenshots

Taking screenshots of your Windows 10 desktop can be very handy if you’re putting together presentations or writing how-to articles for a popular website. A different TechJunkie article covers how you can capture screenshots with Windows 10’s Snipping Tool as well as other options. However, neither the default print screen method nor the Snipping Tool in Windows 10 capture the cursor in the snapshot. How can we take a Windows 10 snapshot and have the cursor included? That’s something that you can easily accomplish using a third-party application like Gadwin PrintScreen utility.

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Use Gadwin PrintScreen
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Here’s How to Use Gadwin PrintScreen to capture the cursor.

  1. Download Gadwin PrintScreen for Windows 10 for free. Select Gadwin PrintScreen (not the ‘Professional’ version) from the software list to download the freeware version.
  2. Click the software’s setup wizard in the zip file to install it, and open the utility’s window, as shown in the snapshot below. The menu gets docked on the left side of your desktop.gadwin snapping
  3. Optional: Change ‘PrtScn’ hotkey to something like ‘Alt+PrntScn’ to preserve original Windows PrntScn functionality. Click Settings in the slide-out menu.
  4. Press the PrtScn key (or whatever hotkeys you changed it to) to capture a snapshot of your desktop.
  5. Save this snapshot to your clipboard by pressing the Apply button at the top left of the window.
  6. Optional: Access the “applied” screenshot from the “My Screenshots” folder (not “Screenshots”) that Gadwin created in your user folder. It won’t load or contain an icon until you’ve hit the “Apply” button as instructed above.
  7. The “Apply” button also copies the image to your clipboard. Paste the image into Paint, Inkscape, or whatever image software you use by pressing Ctrl + V.
  8. Optional: The software also saves a history of your snapshots, which you can open by selecting Show Capture History, located in the slide-out circular menu.

gadwin snapping3

You can also include alternative cursors in the snapshot by doing the following:

  1. Select ‘Show Options’ on the slide-out circular menu to open the window below.
  2. Click ‘Image’ and select the ‘Use a cursor from file’ checkbox.
  3. Click ‘Cursor File’ and the ‘ button’ to choose an alternative cursor to incorporate into the image, and then press the Open’ button. The snapshot will include the cursor selected, even if you captured it with the default one.

gadwin snapping4

When using Gadwin PrintScreen, you can easily capture a variety of cursors within your snapshots. Use it to highlight software options and settings more effectively, or you can just use it to point something out in your screenshot.

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