Do Instagram Filters Work on Animals?

Posted by Arch on October 14, 2018

It’s ‘dog eat dog’ in the world of picture-based social media platforms.

Just take a look at Snapchat and Instagram– the two heavyweights in this division. Almost every update is followed by a controversy, most often surrounding the fact that one platform copied ideas from the other one or something along those lines.

And it’s some updates we’re talking about! Take for example Snapchat’s newest face filter. It allows you to not only alter the attributes of your own mug but also change the build of the snouts and beaks of your unfortunate pets!

That’s right- having been using the Snapchat’s filter for some time now, some people have figured out that it also works on pets and the results turned out to be quite hilarious when they did apply the technology on their faithful furry companions. Take a look at this cheeky photo!

Now, the question we’ve set out to answer in this article is the following: Can you do the same on Instagram? (The picture above is from Snapchat just so you know.)

As Instagram’s arsenal of photo-enhancing tools gets larger and more advanced, an increasing number of people have been getting ‘curiouser and curiouser’ of what their latest set o’ filters can do. More importantly- will it work on animals?

Well, we’ve dug into the matter to find the answers for ya, so read on and see for yourself!

How Do These New Filters Work?

As far as Instagram is concerned, the newest form of altering your face for purposes of online entertainment comes in the shape of selfie filters. These cheeky additions have been made so that whoever uses them can have a bit of a laugh with them and possibly- make themselves a little bit prettier in the process.

That being said, the line of tools you can work with is rather limited. The number of filters you can use counts in less than ten, so there’s only so much you can do with them. (We imagine the novelty of them tends to expire rather quickly. That might have been the reason why people started using the Snapchat ones on their pets, instead of themselves.)

So the main idea behind this new line of filters is that they follow you around and stick to your head even if you’re moving about! What’s more, if you make a certain facial expression- for example, open your mouth, and the filter will then move your ears in a cheeky way! (That is if you’ve turned on the bunny filter. Some filters include no moving animal’s ears.) Check out some examples in the paragraph below.

Some Examples of Instagram’s Selfie Filters

While some people implied that most of the selfie filter ideas were simply copy-cat solutions stolen from Snapchat, many devout Instagram users would defend their uniqueness and creativity that went into designing them. Here a couple of examples of what the clever folks at Instagram came up with:

Gold Crown

Replicating the iconic Caesar wreath-crown popular during the times of the Holy Roman Empire, this filter is the most basic one of them all. The principle is simple. You turn it on and the technology behind it will find your head and stick it on!


Possibly the most interesting Instagram selfie filter of the bunch, the Bunny filter attaches to your noggin a pair o’ rabbit ears. These two furry extensions raise in surprise if you open your mouth and move left or right of you depending on the direction of your movement.


Similarly to the bunny filter, the koala face-augmenting software works thus. You get a pair of koala ears on top of your head and then a koala nose where your human nose is supposed to be. (The ears also raise in surprise if you open your mouth! The nose is just, sort of, there the entire time…)

So, Can You Use These on Pets?

Ehh, sort of, though not to the same effect as with Snapchat’s filter. The thing is, Instagram’s selfie filter was designed for humans as its main working principle revolves around following your head around and watching for the moments you open your mouth. So, it’s highly questionable if this would work on pets to the same effect.

If you want a higher level of augmentation, we advise you get Snapchat’s version as there you can change the shape of your AND your pets’ head as well as make other adjustments you fancy!

All in all, Instagram’s new filters may not be quite perfect yet, but they’re certainly getting there. While using them on pets may not lead to the desired result, so to speak, we’d encourage you to experiment anyway! We hope you found this article helpful and may you never fail to take a perfect selfie!

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