Does Instagram Live Show Who Is Watching?

Posted by Arch on June 19, 2019

Since its introduction, Instagram Live has become one of the most popular features on this social media platform. You can enjoy live feeds of your friends as soon as they start broadcasting and Instagram even sends you a notification once some of your friends go live.

What’s more, if you are an influencer or a minor Instagram celebrity, the live feature is a great springboard for personal promotion. This is why it would be quite handy if Instagram showed you who exactly is watching or interacting with your live broadcasts.

Other social media platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live actually display how many users are watching, so you might be wondering if Instagram offers the same functionality. This article will answer answers the question: Does Instagram Live show you who is watching your Instagram Live Video feed?

Can You See Who’s Watching Your Instagram Live Video?

The simple answer to this question is yes, you can. As soon as you start broadcasting a live video on Instagram, people will start joining. This, of course, means that they are actually watching your broadcast and you will be able to see each individual that joins and starts watching your Instagram Live Video.

There is a small counter with an “eye” icon that gives you the latest number of people who are watching your live feed. If you tap on the “eye” icon, you will be able to see all the usernames that have joined your live broadcast.

Things get even better if some of your followers decide to interact with your Instagram Live video. Interacting means that they can send comments, emoticons, or any other reaction to your live broadcast. These reactions will be displayed at the bottom of your screen, so you can easily react back to your audience during the broadcast as some Instagrammers do.

However, the comments, views, and your live Instagram broadcast don’t last forever. Your Instagram Live video will be available for 24 hours and it will then disappear from the feed together with the view count and comments.

There is an option to record the live video to your camera roll if you wish to keep it for later use. To access the option, you have to go to the Instagram Live Controls menu.

Instagram Live Controls

Instagram gives you a lot of options when it comes to controlling your Instagram Live and Instagram Story. You can actually make a precise selection of people you wish to see your story and make other necessary adjustments before you go live.

The Live Story controls are surprisingly simple to use. You just have to do the following:

  1. Tap on the Instagram app to launch it and then swipe right to access the camera.
  2. Once you are inside the camera, select the Live option by tapping on it.
  3. Tap on the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the Live window to access the Story Controls and make the desired tweaks.

How to Get More People to Watch Your Instagram Live Broadcast

It is nice that Instagram actually tells you who is watching and joining your Instagram Live Stories. However, it can be a drag to realize that there are only five or ten people in the view count. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to ensure five-digit view counts.

Take a look at the following tips that can boost your Live Story views:

Follow an Instagram Live Schedule

A consistent schedule is something your Instagram friends and followers just love. Scheduling can be a universal tip that also applies to your other posts on Instagram or any other social media. If you set a determined schedule, soon there will be people lining up to see your next story.

Here’s an extra tip: be patient. Five-figure view counts won’t happen overnight, but it pays to be persistent.

Prepare for Your Instagram Live Broadcast

Random ramblings on Instagram Live during a night on the town might be interesting for your friends, but they usually don’t get you more views. If you are seeking some Instagram stardust or just want to share quality content, you have to be prepared.

Being prepared doesn’t mean you need to do extensive rehearsals. You should get the right camera angle, some decent light, and share an actual story rather than just go live for the sake of it. Things might a bit more complicated if you’re aiming for Instagram stardom. In that case, everything must look professional and the broadcast must run smoothly, without any interruptions or dead air during the broadcast.

Hype Your Next Live Broadcast

One of the best ways to ensure an enviable view count on Instagram Live is to create a teaser video or post before you go live. You can share this teaser on other social media as well and make sure to stick to the above-mentioned broadcasting schedule.

The teaser video or post should give your potential viewers a glimpse of the things they’ll see in the actual live broadcast. Also, don’t forget to include the exact time when you will go live.

The Last Story

Instagram Live is a great way to interact with your friends and followers, so you shouldn’t hesitate to use it. Remember, the more creative you are, the greater the number of people you’ll be able to see in your Live view count.

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Do you have experience with Instagram Live? If so, please leave a comment below about your experiences.


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