How to Install Discord on Xbox One

Discord is the messaging application built for gamers. Although, you don’t have to be a gamer to use Discord because the customization and personalization options are great for anyone. You can use it as a free communication tool even when you are not gaming. Before, Discord was limited to PC and mobile platforms.

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Link the accounts in the Discord or Xbox Settings
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The service is slowly expanding into the console territory and some console gamers might argue that it’s taking too much time. Even though there’s no official app for it, you can use Discord with your Xbox One. Read on and find out how to install Discord on your Xbox One.

Can You Really Use Discord on Xbox One?

If you were wondering about this, the answer is yes. Since the announcement in April 2018, Microsoft and Discord started their official cooperation. People wanted Discord on Xbox One for a long time, and the two tech titans obliged. It’s not perfect just yet, but it does open the door to new opportunities for PC fans and console fans.

Discord quickly got Xbox integration. Now PC and console gamers can unite and be one happy family. You can easily see what your friends are playing on Xbox via Discord and hop on if you want to join them for a multiplayer session.

All you need for this to work is a free Discord account. You don’t need an account for everything all the time, but in this case, you’ll need both a Discord account and an Xbox Live account. That’s because you need to link it to your Xbox account. You can sign up and download Discord for Mac, Android, iOS, or Linux using this link.

The sign up is very simple; you need to provide a username, a password, and a valid email address for verification.

How to Link Xbox One with Discord

There are two ways you can link your Discord and Xbox One accounts. You can either do it through your Xbox or using the Discord app on your smartphone or desktop. The detailed steps for both methods are listed below.

Using the Xbox One

Since May of 2018, you can link your Discord and Xbox One. Here is how to link your accounts on Xbox One:

Open Account Settings

Click on the Xbox button located in the center of your controller. Use the right bumper to navigate all the way to the right. Scroll down and click on ‘Settings.’

Choose the ‘Linked Social Accounts’ option.

Using your controller, toggle to the right until the ‘Linked Social Account’ option is highlighted in purple.

Select ‘Link Discord’ account from the menu.

Toggle to the far right until ‘Link Discord’ becomes highlighted and click on it.

You will get a six-character pin code, which you should input in the Discord app. You can do so at the Connections menu on the Discord desktop or smartphone app.

Using the Discord Phone or Desktop App

Alternatively, you can initiate the linking process from within the Discord app. Here are the steps:

Open the Discord App

Start Discord on the device of your choice. Go to User Settings and select the Connections tab.

Select the ‘Xbox’ Icon

Next, you’ll see a list of icons that are eligible for pairing with Discord. Locate the Xbox icon to the far right.

Select Xbox Live and sign in with your credentials.

Accept Permissions

Give Discord the permission to access your Xbox One account and the two should now be linked.

Once linked, users will have the option to display what games they’re playing on Xbox with other Discord users and gaming friends.

After you’ve linked your Xbox account, Discord will give you a couple of options for what you’d like to display to other users including your game status.

If you’re determined to use Discord on your Xbox console you can log into the Microsoft browser on your device. Once there, visit the Discord website, login, and you will have access to the Discord content while gaming without needing a smartphone or computer nearby.

How to Unlink Discord and Xbox One

In case you get tired of Discord or you switch consoles, don’t worry, you are covered too. It is easy to remove the link between Discord and Xbox Live accounts. You can do it using the official Microsoft site, the Discord app, or your Xbox One.

Use this link to go to your official Microsoft account settings. Sign in with your credentials and find the Discord link. Remove it and save changes.

Using your Xbox One, you should go to the Accounts menu and select the Linked Social Accounts tab. Finally, click the button to remove the link in the same place where you clicked on the ‘Link Discord’ account.

You can also unlink the accounts using the Discord app.

  1. Sign in to your Discord account if you haven’t done so already
  2. Go to Account Settings – Located in the lower left-hand corner of the app
  3. Click on the Connections tab as you did before
  4. Finally, click on Xbox Live Connection and click on the remove link button
  5. Follow the prompts and confirm before backing out

Using Discord to Communicate on Xbox

Although there isn’t an application for the Xbox just yet, it’s still possible to use Discord as your chat and communication app. This means you can use the Discord app on your phone, or on your computer to chat with others rather than the Xbox chat system.

Flaws in the Xbox messaging system often make it difficult to hear others, especially with online gaming taking everything out of the bandwidth. If you have the Discord app on your phone and a great cellular data connection, you can use the app on your phone as a better alternative to poor sound quality and lagging.

Your PC friends and your Xbox friends can keep up with your current online activities all in one place with the integration of Discord and Xbox.

Is Linking the Accounts Worth It?

Understanding that Discord does not have an application on the Xbox console is certainly a downside because it’s not the same Discord that PC users have access to. Overall, linking the two accounts does a few things that make it worthwhile:

  • It is simple to link – So why not?
  • It does show your game status – If you have friends on multiple platforms, they’ll see you’re in a battle on Xbox and hop off their PC to join
  • Poor chat options in Xbox – Whether your system is running slow or online voice chat is hogging your bandwidth using Discord is a seamless and impressive alternative to your Xbox chat
  • You get a keyboard – Nothing else needs to be said here for those who like to chat

Can I talk on Discord through the Xbox?

Technically, no. Some users have had success using Microsoft Edge to log into the Discord web browser and communicate through it. The drawback is when you start a game, Discord may not continue in the background.

Is there an official Discord app available on Xbox’s Microsoft app store?

No, but there are some third-party and very unofficial applications available. As with any external software, it’s a “buyer beware” situation. Read the reviews and know what you’re downloading before you do.

See You on Discord

Finally, Xbox One users can use Discord as PC users did for years. As you see, there is no complicated installation or anything like that. You just need to link the Xbox Live and Discord accounts and you are good to go.

Lately, we see more and more cooperation and cross-platform unity across the gaming world. As technology becomes available and is released to the public, gamer harmony is more attainable than before.

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Avatar PC REEEEEpair Dood says:
You don’t even need an Astro mix amp. You just need an aux cable (dual-ended 3.5mm audio cable) plugged into both the controller and your pc’s line in port. Open Sound under control panel, go to the Recording tab, open Line-In’s Properties; go to the Listen tab and tick “Listen to this device”, and either set the playback device or leave it as Default Output. Boom – Xbox game audio and communication with teammates over Discord.
Avatar WhyAsk says:
Discord Website will not load anymore using edge browser. It USED to work. Needs fixing desperately.
Avatar jon says:
Ah man i feel the same. Why has this not been fixed yet its 2020 ffs
Avatar Martin Wolffbrandt says:
Definitely would be nice with the app on the Xbox, so I can call via the Xbox and combine the calls and gaming sounds in my headset
Avatar Honasou says:
you can do this already with the help of a pc and an astro mix amp. I have my xbox audio fed to the mix amp via optical audio, plug the mix amp into my pc via usb for pc audio output/input. 3.5 mm jack to my headset and the controller 1.5mm jack from mixamp to controller. This allows me to have both audio input and output from my headset to both xbox and pc. sorry for the sloppy explanation.
Avatar Spudminator says:
I never thought about doing this, genius! Might be my backup plan for making this work

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