Intel Claims Haswell Will Offer 50% Better Battery Life

Posted by Jim Tanous on May 24, 2013
Haswell Battery Life

The industry has long been told that Intel’s upcoming Haswell architecture, scheduled for a formal launch June 4 at Computex, will bring improvements to battery life, but recent comments by the company indicate that the improvements could be significant. Intel’s Rani Borkar revealed Thursday that the platform will offer 50 percent more battery life for laptops than current generation Ivy Bridge-based systems.

Intel has discussed several times that, while all computing platforms will receive performance and efficiency boosts, the true focus for Haswell is laptops and portable devices. Lowering power consumption while maintaining or improving performance were key factors for the Santa Clara chipmaker during Haswell’s design process.

The reported improvements are crucial for Intel and the PC industry; PC sales suffered their worst decline in history during the first quarter of 2013 as consumers opted for tablets and smartphones over new laptops and desktops. A key selling point of these mobile devices is their markedly better battery life compared to traditional laptops. With Haswell, Intel and its manufacturing partners hope to not only provide notebooks with “all day” running times, but also to improve factors such as standby time. The company advertises that, in addition to the 50 percent battery life increase, Haswell-based laptops will have up to 20 times the standby life of Ivy Bridge.

PC Sales Decline

PC Sales Continue to Decline (Image via CNN Money)

In terms of expected performance, Haswell promises to offer modest 10 to 15 percent gains in CPU power, alongside a significant leap in integrated graphics. Haswell-based chips will be available at nearly all spectrums of the consumer market, from ultra-low-power Ultrabook parts to high performance quad-core desktop options.

Major PC manufacturers have already started to announce Haswell-based products, and more are expected at Computex after the official Haswell launch. Apple is also expected to update its entire line of consumer Macs with Haswell CPUs, likely at the company’s annual WWDC event on June 10.

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