Intel Teases Passively Cooled Core Processor for Tablets

Posted by Jim Tanous on June 4, 2013
Intel Tablet CPU

Computex 2013 is underway in Taiwan and the announcements of new hardware are flooding the news cycle. Among the most interesting releases thus far is Intel’s preview of a Core series processor running with only passive cooling in a small form-factor tablet.

While Intel’s less powerful processors have long been capable of running sans fans, the evolution of a high-end Core processor that can power a passively-cooled tablet is a huge step for the Santa Clara chipmaker.

Intel briefly teased a thus far unnamed tablet during its presentation in Taipei. No further details were announced at the time, but we expect more information on the performance, power requirements, and release date before Computex wraps up on Friday (Saturday local time).

While Intel arguably controls the traditional desktop and laptop CPU market, a major challenge for new CEO Brian Krzanich is the mobile device market. Low-power processors based on ARM architectures dominate smartphone and tablet market share. As the sales figures for mobile devices and PCs move in opposite directions, Intel’s future is based on the company’s ability to successfully transition to this new “post-PC” era.

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