Sing Along with Song Lyrics in the iOS 10 Music App

Posted by Jim Tanous on September 20, 2016
singing song lyrics iphone

Remember that Elton John song? It goes something like “hold me closer, Tony Danza…?” With iOS 10, you no longer need to wonder what those lyrics in your favorite songs actually are.
As part of Apple’s revamp of the Music app in iOS 10, the lyrics for millions of songs are now available directly within the app. Here are the two ways to see them.

iOS 10 Song Lyrics with a Swipe

For the first method, begin playing a song in the iOS 10 Music app and open the Now Playing screen. Apple redesigned the Now Playing screen to make things easier to control. Just like the shuffle button, however, the lyrics option is hidden. To see it, swipe up on the Now Playing screen to reveal a button labeled “Lyrics.”
ios 10 song lyrics swipe
Tap Show and the lyrics will appear below. You can scroll through them as the song plays, or scroll back up to the top to use the playback controls. Note that your “Show/Hide” preference will be remembered between songs, so the next time you play a song, just swipe up on the Now Playing screen to reveal its lyrics without needing to tap “Show.”

iOS 10 Song Lyrics with a Tap

For the second method, again start with the Now Playing screen. Instead of swiping up, tap the three dots at the bottom-right.
ios 10 song lyrics menu
The menu that appears lets you do things like add the song to your Apple Music library, start a radio station based on the song, or rate/love it. In iOS 10, you’ll also find the new Lyrics button. Tap on it to reveal the song’s lyrics full screen over a translucent background. Tap Done at the top-right to close the lyrics and return to the Now Playing screen.

Sing Me a Song

With both methods, you can tap and hold to select the lyric text. This lets you use look up a certain word, copy your favorite lyrics, or share lyrics directly with your contacts or on social media.
ios 10 music copy lyrics

Just Hum Along

Unfortunately, not even Apple can do everything. While the company boasts 40 million tracks on its Apple Music service, lyrics aren’t available for all of them.
ios 10 no lyrics
Therefore, if you’re listening to a song and you don’t see “Lyrics” in either of the locations shown above, that means lyrics aren’t currently available for that track. However, if you manually sync your music from iTunes to your iOS device, you can add custom lyrics for a song in iTunes which will show up on your device in place of the cloud-provided lyrics from Apple’s servers.

7 thoughts on “Sing Along with Song Lyrics in the iOS 10 Music App”

rabindra says:
Nice app for the iphone users for listening songs.
vikesh sharma says:
I like this. Thanks for the tips.
stewartcristan says:
Great music app for iPhone users. Interesting post…
Sri Dharshini says:
Great tips! Awesome! as normaly
HM Sathish says:
Interesting Music app for iPhone users…great post.
Android App Developer says:
IOS 10 Music app is such a great application with a breadth taking features. I will like to test it on my iphone. Can’t wait to have this.
chasfh says:
Does not work. I have lyrics typed into MP3s that I can clearly see under the Lyrics tab on song Info in iTunes 12, but when I try to access lyrics to the same song on the iOS 10 iPhone in the way you describe above, no lyricss, or links to lyrics, appear. What now?
zar kers says:
Same here. No lyrics even if they are in my iTunes.
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