Where the Heck is the Shuffle Button in the iOS 10 Music App?

Posted by Jim Tanous on September 17, 2016
ios 10 music app

With iOS 10, Apple gave its Music app a major overhaul in terms of both design and functionality. While tasks like navigating Apple Music and managing playlists are arguably improved, some of the design changes can make using the app quite confusing, at least at first.
One specific example of where Apple’s changes to the Music app are a bit baffling is the shuffle button. When browsing your Music library or the Apple Music catalog, the shuffle button appears as it should in the Album or Playlist views:
ios 10 music shuffle all
But if the user opens the “Now Playing” interface, the shuffle button is seemingly nowhere to be found. It’s not inside the pop-up menu in the lower-right corner (the three dots), it’s not available in Control Center, and it’s not available by using 3D Touch on the playback controls. It just seems to not be there at all.
ios 10 music now playing

Peekaboo, Shuffle!

But wait! Apple didn’t remove the shuffle button from the Now Playing interface. They simply hid it where few would think to look based on past versions of iOS. To find the shuffle button in the iOS 10 Music app, you need to swipe up on the Now Playing screen.
ios 10 music shuffle
This reveals the new “Up Next” list, but you’ll also find the shuffle and repeat buttons tucked away on the right. It’s a safe bet that most iOS 10 users would eventually discover this “hidden” menu, by accident or otherwise, but it’s a bit odd for Apple to place such a useful button out of sight and with no clear indication of how to find it.

7 thoughts on “Where the Heck is the Shuffle Button in the iOS 10 Music App?”

onekoolfella says:
Thank you. Frustrating as hell. Why apple WHY???
B says:
Thank you! So effing frustrating! This improved my whole day!
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Privacia Noneya says:
JFC. I’ve spent months trying to figure out on my own how to unshuffle my songs. Thank you for this post. 🙁
Elvie says:
Otto says:
Apple sucks!! Too much fixing shit that isn’t broken, rearranging things, music spontaneously vanishing, etc.
Shannon313 says:
OMG this has been driving me insane. I work in a tech industry and adore all the wonderful things technology and my iPhone have done for me…but seriously, removing/hiding the shuffle button and the fact I will have to live without a headphone jack in the near future is making me seriously consider a switch to Android. :/
lazarusrevives says:
There is no button when I swipe up. It just shows information about the currently playing artist. Where is the shuffle button? Gah I hate apple..And immediately after I posted this it miraculously appeared. They’re watching you. O.O lol xD
kimiey london says:
Don’t have to follow this ridiculous procedure. Just ask Siri to repeat the track. Once the song plays, we can see the buttons
kimiey london says:
Just get your maid (Siri) do all the stuff and chill

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