iOS 10: Disable Press Home to Open and Change Your Home Button Behavior

Posted by Melissa Holt on September 19, 2016
ios 10 press home to open

If you installed iOS 10 this week, you may have noticed that your phone doesn’t quite behave like it used to, especially when it comes to unlocking via the home button.
As part of a revamped notification system, Apple changed the default process for unlocking and opening your iPhone, and now you have to “Press Home to Open,” instead of jumping right into the action. But don’t worry! Here’s how to revert things back to how they worked in iOS 9.

Why Press Home to Open?

Prior to iOS 10, users with a TouchID-enabled device would simply need to rest their thumb or finger on the home button to unlock and open their iPhone. This would take the user to the home screen or the last running app. In iOS 10, however, resting your thumb or finger on the home button unlocks the iPhone, but doesn’t open it. Instead, the device remains at the lock screen, allowing the user to see any notifications. To proceed to the home screen, the user must then press the home button, or “press home to open,” as the screen informs.
Apple made this change because the TouchID sensor in last year’s iPhone 6s was too fast. Users would pick up their iPhone, barely rest their finger on the home button, and before they had a chance to read their pending notifications, the device would unlock. Talk about too much of a good thing!
While this new “Press Home to Open” method in iOS 10 fixes the problem of the ultra-fast TouchID sensor, some users prefer the old method of unlocking their iPhone and getting to work right away. Thankfully, Apple allows users to change the home button and unlock behavior in iOS 10, basically reverting the functionality back to the way it worked in iOS 9.

Disable Press Home to Open in iOS 10

To disable Press Home to Unlock and change the behavior of your home button, open Settings and tap on General:
ios 10 press home to open general
In the General menu, find and tap on Accessibility:
ios 10 press home to open accessibility
From the Accessibility options, scroll down and select Home Button:
ios 10 press home to open home button
Finally, find the toggle for Rest Finger to Open:
ios 10 rest finger to open
When Rest Finger to Open is disabled (the default setting in iOS 10), the iPhone will unlock to notification screen but will not open when you rest your finger or thumb on the home button’s TouchID sensor. When Rest Finger to Open is enabled, resting your finger or thumb on the home button will both unlock and open your iPhone, taking you to the home screen or your last open application. In other words, disabling this option makes your iPhone behavior similarly to iOS 9 in terms of unlocking.
So if you’re not the biggest fan of this particular iOS 10 change, then you don’t have to live with it. Whew!

8 thoughts on “iOS 10: Disable Press Home to Open and Change Your Home Button Behavior”

Yongky Tanaya says:
apple is a big asshole now
Lewis Morgan says:
My home button doesn’t work… updated iPad now can’t use it! Had finger gestures set up as a work around before but now completely stuck any ideas?
Pat Loftis says:
Brand new iphone 7 plus. This does not work. At all. Same behavior whether switch is on or not.
Guess I’ll just have to get used to pushing the home button.
Edward Lorenzo says:
Apple wants that button again to fail like the iPhone 4/4s/5 days in the hope that we buy a new even thinner, amazing, BS model. I hope one of your Chinese rivals overtake you in size one day! Seriously tired with falling macs with outrageous service costs and iPhone battery drains. Really considering win 10 and android!!!! iTunes is dead anyway!
Think about it about Ms Tim Cook.
Work around is to enable assistive touch.
SABrown says:
Infuriating. I, too, have the iPhone 5, so no option but to hit the Home button twice to get it. Which wouldn’t be so bad if I had to option to hit the damn button twice faster than ‘default.’ In actuality, it’s hit the button, swipe, swear, swipe back, tap, wait, swear again, hit the home button again, enter passcode, and, voila!! From Apple’s point of view, and from my experience with all the hand-me-down iPhone 4’s in this family, it’s a money grab to wear down that Home button twice as fast, forcing the purchase of a new phone. No other reason to take away yet more options. I have lived Apple for years now, but will be opting out with my next phone. Not that Apple will notice or care.
Prescott Perez-Fox says:
It would all be so simple if they returned to swipe-to-unlock. Some of us don’t want to sync our fingerprints to the device.
Alex says:
Awesome. Thanks!
First thing I have disabled on iOS10 is having to press the home button to open.
jyuchii says:
I have an iphone5 and don’t have this option. The first 3 options are there, but not reset option?
Maxx D says:
Same here, very annoying! Swipe was much better.
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