iPhone 10 Overheating (Solution)

Posted by Sam Summers on October 3, 2018

Some users of the iPhone 10 have been complaining that their smartphone always overheats after they have used it for awhile or when they leave in the heat for an extensive period.
This is something normal, and there is no need to panic about. All you need to do is leave your phone to cool off for a while before you start to press again and I always ensure that you do not put iPhone 10 in places with high temperature for a long period.
However, the main issue that some owners of the iPhone 10 have complained about is that of the iPhone 10 overheating quickly after using it for some minutes. If you are experiencing this issue on your iPhone 10, then this article is for you. Below I will explain how you can solve the overheating issue that you are experiencing on your iPhone 10.

Steps to Fixing iPhone 10 Overheating Issues

  1. There are times when your iPhone 10 can heat up quickly because a third-party app is misbehaving. To be certain that this is the cause of the overheating issue, touch and hold the power key and your home key at the same time until the screen goes off
  2. As soon as the screen turns black, let go of the home key while still holding to the power key
  3. After some seconds, the Apple logo will appear, and you can now press the Volume up key to load the springboard
  4. This will make your iPhone 10 to enter the Safe Mode option, and the tweaks under the menu will disappear. If this is the issue, then you can be certain that the overheating problem is being caused by a rogue app on your iPhone 10
  5. To know the specific app that is causing the issue, you will need to start deleting the third-party apps from your iPhone 10; I will suggest that you start from the last one that you downloaded before you noticed the overheating issue

You can also wipe the cache partition of your iPhone 10 to see if that will fix the overheating issue that you are experiencing on your iPhone 10. To do this, locate Settings on your home screen and tap it, click on General and then select Storage & iCloud Usage.
After that, click on an item in the Documents and Data section, move unwanted items to the left side and choose the Delete option, to complete the process, click on Edit and then tap Delete All to remove all the app’s data.

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