iPhone is Not Activated Contact Your Carrier

Posted by David Covington on January 24, 2019

iPhone is not activated, contact your carrier is a common issue when you try to activate your new iPhone. Your iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3gs all have the possibility of displaying this message, and it can be solved with the instructions below. If you have purchased your iPhone from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile similar steps are required to help fix your iPhone when it says iPhone is not activated, contact your carrier. Sometimes when activating your iPhone, different display messages will show up. We have listed several different messages that you could see and how to help when activating your iPhone with different solutions.

How to Fix iPhone Activation Errors
Activation errors don’t always mean there’s a problem on your end. If you see the Cannot activate your iPhone now type of an error, it can mean some things are going wrong with the Apple servers. First these are some of the issues you can face when you see iPhone is not activated, contact your carrier or iPhone is activated but no service:

  • Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable.
  • The iPhone is not recognized and cannot be activated for service.
  • iTunes was unable to verify your device.

A quick restart of your iPhone can be an easy and simple way to fix the error that shows up. Restarting your iPhone does not guarantee that your activation issues on your iPhone will be fixed, but it’s a good place to start as it makes sense to start with the simplest solution. To restart your iPhone, hold the power button until the slider bar shows up and slide it to turn your iPhone off. Then turn your iPhone back on again to see if your activation issue has been resolved.

Network Issues / WiFi
Sometimes your network and WiFi settings are blocking a connection to gs.apple.com. To make sure that your WiFi and network connections are not the issue, test by getting on to a different WiFi connection and see if your iPhone activation error has been solved.

If things still don’t work, you should try to activate your iPhone via iTunes. To do this, simply connect your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable. Turn it off and reboot it, which triggers iTunes to open. (If it doesn’t open automatically, manually open iTunes.)

Turn off your iPhone and then connect to your computer. 
Open iTunes and then switch your iPhone on. iTunes will tell you that it has detected an iPhone and ask if you would like to restore your device. Yeah, we do need to restore the iPhone, so go through the restore process.

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