iPhone Touch Screen Not Working: What to Do

Posted by Kale Havervold on January 10, 2017

The thing that could have arguably made the iPhones as popular as they are now is the fact that they have a very sleek design with all input being done on a touchscreen. While most phones now have a similar design, that wasn’t always the case when the iPhone first made its debut in the mobile phone market. Phones were full of physical buttons and other technologies and normally features a smaller screen. But the iPhone helped to usher in this new design and for the most part, it is a good one. People love the touch screens and it has caught on as almost every smartphone in existence uses a very similar design and build.

However, with technology like this (as opposed to buttons), some malfunctions can occur. Without a doubt the biggest malfunction that can occur is the screen simply not working for one reason or another. Now, this can mean a lot of things. For some, the screen simply won’t turn on. For others, it will turn on but it won’t respond to their touch. Also, with the addition of 3D touch in iPhones, that has also caused some headaches for owners.

But no matter what iPhone screen issue you are experiencing, we have you covered. This article will cover the different things you can and should do if your screen is experiencing one of the aforementioned problems.

Screen Won’t Turn On Or Won’t Respond

The first thing you should always try to do if your phone and screen won’t turn on is to charge the phone. It is very possible the battery could be dead. However, if you leave the phone plugged in and charging and the screen still won’t turn on or respond, you likely have a different issue.

Other than that, the steps you should take to fix your issue are the same whether your screen won’t turn on or whether it won’t respond. The first step is to restart the phone, then try to reset the phone and if that doesn’t work, you will likely need to restore the device to factory settings.

Restart the Phone


Step 1: Press and hold the Power button on the side of the phone down for a few seconds.

Step 2: After a few seconds, a red slider bar should appear and you can slide it to the side to turn your phone off.

Step 3: After the phone was off for a few seconds, you should turn it back on by once again holding the Power button for a few moments.

If that doesn’t work and your screen still won’t turn on or respond (or these steps didn’t even work), move on to the next possible fix.

Perform a Hard Reset 

Step 1: Hold the Power Button and the Home Button down at the same time.

Step 2: Keep them pressed for around 10 seconds or so, and the phone will be forced to be shut down and will restart.

Step 3: If you see the Apple logo pop up, the hard reset has been successful. 

This won’t cause you to lose any information or data on your phone and has worked for the times my phone’s screen has been acting up or freezing. Unfortunately, if this hard reset doesn’t work for whatever reason, your next course of action is to restore and reset your phone to its factory settings.

Restore the Phone

Before restoring your phone to see if that will fix the problem you are experiencing, you definitely should make sure that you have a backup of your information and data. If you don’t you will lose everything on your phone. Once you have a backup of your phone created, use these steps to restore the phone to its factory default settings.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 2: Launch iTunes and go to the Summary page

Step 3: Click the Restore button.

Your phone now is basically in the same state as when you first took it out of the box. Unfortunately, if your phone screen won’t allow you to restore or the screen still won’t turn on or respond, you will likely have to take it in to a professional as it is likely a hardware issue that is causing your phone to behave the way it has.


3D Touch is Not Working


3D touch is a fairly new feature where you can tap and hold on different apps with a certain level of pressure to quickly access some of the functions of that app. You can customize the settings to your liking and how much pressure you want to use for this function. The first thing to do if your 3D touch isn’t working is to go to Settings>General>Accessibility>3D touch and see if you accidently messed up your settings.

If not, then it looks as if the hardware is likely to blame and you will have to take your phone in to a professional to get it checked out.

If you are experiencing an issue that wasn’t covered here or the steps/tips in this article didn’t help you, it is a good idea to take your phone in to a professional to see what the problem is and how you might be able to fix it. They might have to replace the glass, the LCD or both. While you might think to try and replace them yourself, this is often not a good idea. You could easily create a bigger problem than you had in the beginning.

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