Get a City's Full Weather Channel Forecast From Within the iPhone Weather App

Posted by Jim Tanous on May 1, 2016
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Apple’s iPhone Weather app in iOS provides all of the basic info that most iPhone users need to plan their day, but it lacks advanced information such as historical weather trends, snow and pollen alerts, and weather radar maps. Many third party iPhone weather apps available from the iOS App Store can provide this additional information, but instead of installing yet another app on your iPhone that will only be used occasionally, why not get this advanced weather information on-demand when you need it via a built-in shortcut? Here’s a quick Weather app trick that many iPhone users don’t know.
Apple doesn’t operate its own weather service, so it uses data from The Weather Channel to power the default Weather app in iOS.* In fact, you may have noticed a small “The Weather Channel” logo in the lower-left corner of each location’s page in your own Weather app. This logo is used for more than simple branding, however. It’s actually a button that can take your directly to The Weather Channel’s website.

*Weather data in iOS was formerly provided by Yahoo, but Apple switched to The Weather Channel with the launch of iOS 8 in 2014.

From within the Weather app, swipe to choose the city or location for which you would like to see more detailed weather information. Then, tap on the small “The Weather Channel” logo at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
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This will launch the Safari Web Browser and take you directly to the city’s dedicated page on The Weather Channel’s website. From there, you can see extended forecasts, detailed weather alerts, weather-related news stories, and more information that’s not available in Apple’s Weather app. When you’re done, just tap “Back to Weather” at the top-left of your screen to return to the Weather app, or press your home button to head back to your iPhone’s home screen.
There are dozens of weather apps available in the App Store, many of which display all of the information available on a city’s “The Weather Channel” website. But as mentioned earlier, Apple’s Weather app is more than sufficient the vast majority of the time, so rather than downloading and managing yet another app, this hidden feature lets users grab the more detailed weather information on the rare occasion it is needed while keeping the elegant and functional Apple Weather app on hand for day-to-day use.

One thought on “Get a City's Full Weather Channel Forecast From Within the iPhone Weather App”

peg_c says:
I absolutely love the Apple weather app, but never go to the Weather Channel site from within it. They force ads down our throats (I avoid tons of apps altogether because of this, on all my devices). I do wish this same weather app were available on the iPad. I have downloaded a lot of weather apps including a couple of $$ ones such as NOAA, but very rarely use any of them unless I want radar during stormy seasons.

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