iPhone X Ringtone Download

Posted by Desmond Andrada on April 12, 2018

In this article, we will show you how to set custom ringtones on your iPhone X. Apple’s iPhone X have great customization features. This includes the ability to personalize ringtones with any audio file of your choice. You can create unique ringtones for specific persons or as notification tones for alarms. For a wide variety of custom ringtones, we will show you below how you can download ringtones for your iPhone X.

Downloading Ringtones for Your iPhone X

The method used in downloading ringtones on your iPhone X is a fairly easy process. Your Apple device provides the option to set personalized ringtones for individual contacts, both for incoming calls and for text messages. Below are the steps to be followed in downloading ringtones for your iPhone X.

  1. Open the iTunes application and update to the most recent version.
  2. Browse and select the audio file you want to use as your ringtone. Only 30 seconds of the file may be used as a ringtone
  3. You can select the start and stop times of the ringtone. This can be done by right-clicking or ctrl-clicking on the audio file you selected then click Get Info from the drop-down list that appears
  4. Create an AAC version of the file. You can do this by right-clicking or ctrl-clicking the same audio file again and selecting the Create AAC Version option.
  5. Copy the existing file then delete the old file
  6. Replace the file extension. This is done by selecting the file name, then editing the text from ‘.m4a’ to ‘.m4r’
  7. Add the finished file to iTunes
  8. Synchronize your iPhone
  9. You can access the ringtone by proceeding the Settings app, then tap Sounds, and Ringtone. Here you can browse and find the audio file you want to use

Following the instructions stated above should allow the user to replace the default ringtone for an individual contact’s incoming calls or text messages on your Apple iPhone X. While phone calls and text messages ringtones for all other contacts will remain the same, those that you have set a custom ringtone for will use the newly modified audio files. Making things more personal, and using your iPhone X on hands-free mode are some of the best reasons to customize your contact’s ringtones accordingly.