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Is Galaxy Note 9 Dust and Water Resistant (IP68 rating)?

Is Galaxy Note 9 Dust and Water Resistant (IP68 rating)?

There are times when you wish you could have a smartphone that can sustain you forever. This is especially true for those enthusiastic hikers and folks who live in bustling towns and cities because communication is key at all times.

A durable smartphone will undoubtedly give you a peace of mind. The good thing is that even though you can’t get a phone that lasts forever, you can get one that will be reasonably durable. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and if you are curious enough you might have already noticed that the Galaxy Note 9 come with optimal protection from dirt, grime and water.

The Ingres Protection (IP), is a universal measure of the resistance to liquid and dust at varying degrees. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a rating of 68 on the IP scale .

This means that it is relatively safe to carry these devices with you if you go out on your adventures. You won’t have to worry about the effects of water or dirt on your Galaxy Note 9. Note however, that in times of extreme conditions, the performance of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might be adversely be slow.

Dust and Water Resistance Tips For Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Although the IP rating of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Note 9 is above average, you should be caution not to use it under water because the touch screen may not respond. The tips provided below should help you avoid damage to your smartphone;

  1. Thoroughly wipe your smartphone dry anytime it gets wet.  Always use a soft cloth to prevent scratching the screen
  2. Avoid exposing your phone to saline water. If it accidentally gets wet with salty water, use fresh water and a soft piece of cloth to wipe it clean and dry. Leaving the salt water to dry out on its own may leave salt crystals blocking the earpiece, microphone and the external speaker. These will cost you a lot of money to repair
  3. During the process of drying your smartphone, considering patting the earpiece gently at the top front of the phone, the USB port and the microphone at the bottom with a clean soft piece of cloth to get rid of as much water as possible
  4. Avoid making of phone calls once your phone comes into contact with liquids. This is because it lowers the volume due to the water in the microphone. The best practice is to leave it for a while and allow it to air dry then you can make a call later on.
  5. Avoid exposing your phone to a lot of chips and protect it from cracks because these two can greatly affect its resistance to water


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Aug 14, 2018

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