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Is Gamesknit Safe?

Is Gamesknit Safe?

Right off the bat, GamesKnit is a website that looks super fishy. When loaded, it doesn’t immediately trigger any malware or spyware alerts, but the layout isn’t the same as other similar websites.

And even if you overlook the poor UI and lack of high-quality content, the games and the download/installation method are still questionable. To help you determine if this site is safe, we’ll check out every detail regarding Gamesknit.

In Search of GamesKnit

To determine GamesKnit’s safety, or better say legitimacy, it helps to do a small test.

Launch your preferred browser and just type GamesKnit to see what pops up. Okay, the first result you get is the website itself. Plus, it seems to be present on Twitter as well. But for now, don’t open anything, just scroll to the end of the page and see what Google says.

is gamesknit safe - google

Google removed one of the results for this keyword search due to infringement of the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This website appears to have undergone scrutiny because it offered the so-called circumvention content.

According to the Lumen database, Gamesknit was among the websites that provided software cracks for EA Sport’s FIFA. Due to this, two links on the site itself were removed.

That said, giving users cracks doesn’t make the site unsafe by itself. So it pays to dig a little bit deeper.

GamesKint UI and UX

The first thing that strikes you as odd is the landing page when you click on the website (in Google search results). To be exact, you’re immediately taken to the Games page instead of the usual Home page.

This wouldn’t have been such a big deal if there was a Home page in the first place. When you click on the Home page, you’re greeted with an announcement telling you the site is under construction.


Interestingly, this news seems to be five years old because there’s also info about an up and coming competition set for late 2015. But what does this tell you? Not much really, bar the apparent lack of a front and back-end web developer.

If there is one interesting piece of information on the home page. Take a look at the fine print and you’ll find that the website was launched in 2014. Plus, there’s what appears to be the site’s tagline: “GamesKnit free games, reviews & news”.

Sans the improper use of the ampersand, there’s nothing unsafe here. If the games this website offers don’t come for free, but the offer is really tempting.

The Games Page

In terms of the UI and UX, the Games page looks half decent. There’s an assortment of what appears to be the latest releases on the website. The rather large thumbnails feature a snippet preview of the article and you can see the number of people who liked the post.

When you access the full post, you see the game review, a download button and installation instructions. But the problems begin when you want to download the game itself. Namely, the button takes you to a MediaFire page where you’re supposed to download a 500MB zip. file.

Is Gamesknit Safe - mediafire

For the purposes of this article, the game that was analyzed was Marvel’s Spider-Man from 2018. GamesKnit offers the game for PC, but it was exclusively released for PlayStation 4 and, of course, it wasn’t free.

Needless to say, there are certain legality issues here. Moreover, you can never be 100% sure that the MediaFire zip. file is malware-free. And things become even more confusing when you get to the website’s terms and conditions.

GamesKnit claims, under the Intellectual Property section, that all the content is original and owned by the site. But 2018 Spider-Man is Marvel’s and it was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the gaming giants actually hold the proprietary rights.

This suggests that the website isn’t safe and potentially fraudulent, but you shouldn’t jump to any conclusions.

Some Third-Party Help

In an attempt to use actionable data rather than assumptions, TechJunkie ran the website through several check-ups.

Google’s Transparency Report didn’t find any unsafe content on the site itself. But remember, you’re taken to an external link and a zip file when you try to download something.

Alexa ranks the site pretty high because of all the traffic it’s getting. However, GamesKnit has a bounce rate of 73.5% which is more than 10% higher than the competition.

Lastly, the ranking and analysis of Web of Trust (WOT) reveals some interesting facts. According to them, GamesKnit’s trustworthiness is 50/100 and child safety is 1/100.

In Safe Gaming We Trust

When all is said and done, GamesKnit doesn’t appear to be safe and it’s best to avoid downloading the content there. This goes double for sharing your personal information with the website. The offer of free games and cheats is alluring, but remember there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

What’s your opinion of GamesKnit? Do you find it strange that this gaming website has almost no social media following? Give us your honest opinion in the comments section below.

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One thought on “Is Gamesknit Safe?”

Quinn says:
SO you didn’t actually download anything to see if it was legit, to give a real, accurate review Just said how the look of the site feels and that the supposed game comes in a large zip. file, which the site tells users the games come in on the page and FAQ page.
More companies should just make PC versions of their games.
MarcoZach says:
it would still be risky though

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