Navigate iTunes 12 Content Faster with These Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted by Jim Tanous on December 23, 2014

iTunes 12 is certainly a controversial update to Apple’s popular media software, but one small change, quietly introduced in iTunes 11, can make navigating your content a bit quicker: media type keyboard shortcuts.
iTunes has long segmented a user’s library based on content type — music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, etc. — with this list growing as new features were added to the software over the years. When iTunes 12 lost the sidebar, these content sections were moved into a row of icons on the upper-left portion of the iTunes window.
You can navigate these sections by simply clicking on the desired option, but you can also use a keyboard shortcut to jump quickly between them. With iTunes open and active, rotate through the following shortcuts:

Command-1: Music
Command-2: Movies
Command-3: TV Shows
Command-4: Podcasts
Command-5: iTunes U
Command-6: Audiobooks
Command-7: Apps
Command-8: Ringtones
Command-9: Internet Radio

Note that this also works for Windows iTunes users; just substitute Control for the Command key in the above shortcut list.
As mentioned, these shortcuts were actually introduced as part of iTunes 11, but they are now arguably more important considering the significant redesign Apple unveiled for iTunes 12. By default, iTunes 12 displays only the Music, Movies, and TV Show categories as icons, with the remaining sections hidden behind a “more” drop-down list. Users can customize this list to add any or all hidden content sections to the list, but by mastering the shortcuts above, you won’t need to reach for the mouse or trackpad to make your selection.
There are certainly many changes in iTunes 12 that have rubbed longtime users the wrong way, but considering the loss of the sidebar, these content section shortcuts have the potential to make using the app quite a bit better.

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