How To Find and Join Google+ Communities from Your Computer


Google+, the social media platform put out by search giant Google in 2011, has always been a bit of an underdog. Though they claim more than 1.44 billion active members, Google’s user base is still significantly smaller than the likes of Facebook or Twitter, so they always taken the backseat to the bigger, more well-established networks.

Despite their inability to gain huge amounts of traction with social media users, Google+ does have a diehard following. They also offer some impressive features that can’t be found on other networks, which should cause you to pause and take a second look. For example:

  • Google+ users don’t need to use real names or verify their identity
  • The search function on Google+ works, and works well
  • Google+ offers numerous ways to protect your privacy and lock down your account
  • Contacts can be organized easily, and in a way that makes sense
  • You have total control over your feed
  • All of Google’s features are available through Google+
  • You can easily video chat with numerous people through Google Hangouts

In addition to all of those goodies, Google+ has very active groups of people that connect with each other through something called Google Communities. Today we’re going to show you how to quickly find Google Communities with Google+, and join them.

What are Google+ Communities?

Communities within the Google+ space bring people with similar interests together where they can then discuss common hobbies and projects, form relationships, learn more about the things that interest them most, meet new people, and even attend online and local event meetups. Book lovers can join online book club communities, Linux users can connect with fellow tech lovers, crafters can exchange ideas with fellow artists, and so on.

How to find Google+ Communities

Assuming you already have a Google+ account, all you need do is navigate to Google+ to get started. Now, in the upper-left corner of your browser window and just below the Google+ logo, tap on the menu bar. As you can see, there are quite a few choices presented to you.

communities option in drop down menu Google+

Click on the Communities option. Doing so will take you to this screen.

Google+ communities main page

From here, enter in a search term in the “Search for communities” field. Results returned will show you all of the available communities within your search perimeter. You can click on an individual community to see how active they are and whether or not the group interests you. If you want to join, just click the “join community” red button near the top of your screen.

click join community in Google+


And that’s it. There are thousands upon thousands of active Google+ communities where you can learn new skills, share your talent with others, and connect with lots of awesome like-minded folks.

Don’t have a Google+ account? Get started at no charge by signing up for one here.



Posted by Jodi Jae on February 19, 2016

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