How to Keep Your Child Safe Online with FamiSafe

At TechJunkie, we’re well aware of the challenges that come with parenting in the 21st century. Striking the right balance between allowing your kid to explore gadgets and the internet, while also making sure they’re safe from the very real threats that can be found online, can be really difficult. From online addition to cyberbullying and harassment, the internet—and technology in general—can be a really unwelcoming place, even if there’s plenty of ways to use the web for good. If you’re looking to help your child explore the web freely without having to worry about unsafe content, abusive users, and dangerous websites, FamiSafe is the tool for you. An all-in-one parental control app, FamiSafe is perfect for preventing cyberbullying, blocking specific unsafe apps and web pages, ensuring your child’s screen time is limited, and much much more.

What is FamiSafe?

At its core, FamiSafe is an app designed to help you keep a certain peace of mind when your children get old enough for devices of their own. Developed exclusively for iOS and Android, FamiSafe takes aim at the devices most children use today: smartphones. While a shared family computer is easy enough to keep secure, smart devices like iPhones are difficult to keep track of, especially since it’s likely attacted to your child at the hip. FamiSafe makes it easy to keep your child safe, and it’s trusted by thousands of users around the world.

What Features Does FamiSafe Include?

As a fully-featured suite of apps, FamiSafe has features that any parent will find useful in their quest to keep their kid safe online. Let’s break down some of the features a subscription to FamiSafe gets you:

App Usage

Apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Fortnite are probably among your child’s favorites, but they can take up a ton of time in the process. If you’re looking for a way to make sure your child is productive during their day—and getting a good night’s sleep at night—you’ll find FamiSafe to be a great solution. FamiSafe can limit app usage on your child’s iPhone or Android device, making it easy to set time limits on an app-by-app basis.

Screen Time

Of course, if you’d rather limit your child’s screen time on a universal scale rather than by app, you can do that too. FamiSafe allows you to log into your account and limit the amount of time your child’s phone can be used each day. With blocks for third-party apps, screen time reports available for browsing each week, and hourly limits on screen time, FamiSafe makes it easy to keep an eye on your child’s smartphone usage, and to make sure they don’t become addicted to their phone.

Smart Schedule

Managing app usage and screen time is great, but FamiSafe’s smart schedule feature makes it a cinch to allow your child some free time on their phone without having to constantly lift locks from their device. Smart schedule gives parents the flexibility to schedule when and where their kid can use their iPhone or Android device. You can set rules based on geolocation and the time of the day, so when your kid gets home from soccer practice on a Friday night, they can relax and enjoy the weekend without you having to worry about their homework not being done for Monday morning.

Location Tracking

If you’re ready to let your kid go off on their own, FamiSafe’s location tracking can make for a great compromise. The feature allows you to see the live location of your child, so whether they’re off at the mall with their friends, or you want to make sure they made it home from school on time, FamiSafe can help you keep an eye on your kid without having to constantly prompt them for details on where they are. Plus, with a live battery meter, you can avoid panicking if the device goes offline due to low battery.

Web Content

You probably already have a content blocker installed on the family computer, but with the whole web available at your child’s fingertips, you’ll need to lock down their iPhone or Android device with it. Web filtering with FamiSafe helps parents to preset filtering rules to automatically block websites that may be harmful to your child. So whether you’re worried about your children shopping online without supervision, stumbling on pornographic content, or finding gambling sites that can cost thousands, there’s a million reasons to set up web filtering on their smartphone.

Suspicious Text

Finally, parents can get alerts when their children receive suspicious text messages on their device. FamiSafe supports SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Instagram, YouTube, and more (currently, iOS only supports this feature with YouTube, though that will expand in the future), allowing you to get live updates when dangerous or offensive messages appear in your child’s inbox. Whether you’re looking to look for signs of cyberbullying, block adult content, or stop online predators from targeting your child, suspicious text message monitor is a must-have feature from FamiSafe.

Should You Get FamiSafe?

FamiSafe is a great addition to your child’s smartphone, making it easy to manage your kid’s digital life with as much—or as little—control as you want. Whether you’re looking to make sure your child is safe from harassment online, is getting enough sleep at night instead of staying up browsing Instagram or playing Fortnite, or

FamiSafe has a number of pricing plans available to help fit your budget, but with TechJunkie’s exclusive deal, we can save you even more. For a limited time, TechJunkie readers can save 20 percent off their subscription to FamiSafe with the coupon code SENFSOFF. That code will save you up to $12 off your purchase of FamiSafe, which means there’s no reason to wait. Parenting in 2019 is difficult, but the peace of mind that only FamiSafe can bring you awaits.

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